Who Owns Your Balls Babe

fetish phone sexLike my new Christmas ornament? I just want to make sure you know that your balls are all mine. A little reminder that I own you. Like really own you. Ever heard “she has me by the balls”? That’s how I have you. Now come to me and kneel. Take my feet and worship them. I want you to suck on my toes and kiss them. Like every inch of them.

Now work your way up my legs. Slowly, don’t be a greedy bitch. I can feel your cage against my leg and tiny droplets of your pathetic cum leaking on them. I will spread my legs so you can get close to my hot bald cunt. That is what you really want. Peel me open like a precious present. Now lick my fold and suck my clit. Put your ridiculous finger inside of me. Feel my twat grasp it and take you in further. You wish that was your cock don’t you pet? You shake your head yes and I laugh. Of course, you do, but you will never be able to put that pathetic cock inside of my magnificent pussy baby. You will only be my bitch, pleasing me in every way.

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