Piss Play?

fetish phone sexIt is Friday and what better day to let your freak fly. I got a friend over for the weekend and she is wild. I mean kinky nasty taboo wild. You will love her. Especially given you desire for the extreme. I told her how you are a fancy executive all week, with lots of responsibilities to work and your family but you come to me for humiliation and degradation, and I always happily oblige you. Tonight, I told her we would be having a golden shower night. Our pussies are steamed, bathed and ready for you. Jugs of water and juice just waiting to fill our bladders. What is that you say? You will be leaving work early? Of course, you will, the thought of you on the floor and two hot women pissing on you drives you wild. I think we will even let you jerk your cock while you catch are droplets. So, hurry up and get over here. The night is just starting, and I think the golden shower will just serve as the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the night has in store for you. Strap-on? Dildo’s? Ass eating? The possibilities are limitless.

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