I always help my husband find the sweet young things he needs!

Little girl phone sexLet me tell you, I am the absolute best wife there is. My husband just loves his sweet young thing, the younger the better, and I absolutely live to please my man. So I score the pageants I work at, the malls, wherever sweet young pussy likes to hang out. I entice them with all kinds of gifts only to bring them home, get them a little tipsy, and let my husband have his wicked way with them. He absolutely adores the look on their faces when he’s face fucking them into oblivion. And sometimes, if they are young enough, he even gets to take their precious V card. He makes them guide his cock into their incredibly tight, tiny little holes, and fucks them all night long. They love it! I’ve never seen young ones get off so fucking hard than when my husband is fucking them, especially from behind. He has a thing for asses, my man does. I sit in the corner and watch, hold them down if I have to, and rub my clit while he takes his time fucking their brains out. It turns me on so much to watch these little brats be put in their place, to be treated like the little whores they are meant to become! 

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    • Jack on December 8, 2021 at 8:30 am
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    You are so filthy! Cant wait to cum with you…

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