He Was My Cuck

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You know I am all over Craig’s List and Backdoor, I like the freaks and they bring in some good money. But sometimes I get those cute little mommy boys who just want some attention. The shy, socially awkward ones. This guy has been coming for a while and is totally vanilla besides the breastfeeding prelude. So, you can imagine my surprise when he walked in with his head down a little. Stammering over his words. So much so that I had to paddle his tight ass to get it out of him. That shy boy next door wanted to be a cuck. My pussy dripped at this because he was going to be so much fun for me. We did our normal breastfeeding and he climbed on top of me to fuck me and then I set up his next week appointment. When he showed I was ready for him. I had on a pair of lace top black thigh highs and a massive man beside me. I undressed him and together we got on our knees and sucked that cock until he was wet and hard and dripping of precum. Then I laid him on his back and got on all fours above him. He guided that guy’s massive cock inside my tight ass, and I instructed him to lick my pussy and suck up all those juices flowing from my ass. He did great and I even let him sit in front of me and jerk off while I fucked that guy some more. I bet you would like to be my cuck too, wouldn’t you?

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    • holden on May 14, 2021 at 6:32 pm
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    I want to be your cuck right now

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