I Control You

fetish phone sexWell, hello there, I see you are back for more. Needing the firm hand of a dominate woman. A mean mommy if you will. I caught you and doing such naughty things. I scolded you and punished you but as that vision continued in my mind, I grew to like it. Almost turning me on with your depravity. I decided that I would use you for my entertainment. In a loving way of course. Softly I came to your room to discuss what I had seen. Making you tell me about it in length. Every dirty little detail.

Your cock of course started to rise and although I liked that, I felt the need to punish you. Should I attach a cock cage? Maybe you need a paddling? Or maybe mommy should do something even more. Maybe while you tell mommy what you did, I will start stroking your cock. Slowly building you up only to deny you the release you so desire. Listening to your breathing get heavier and your cock starting to twitch I would stop. Leaving you in a state of confusion. Letting you know that I was in control. In my own subtle way, making any and all of your orgasms become completely controlled by me.

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