Are You Ready?

fetish phone sexWhere have you been? Oh, I know, lurking my page and stroking your little cock looking at all the pictures of the way I humiliate men. You too want to be dominated, used for my entertainment, and be trained. You are just a little timid, having only fantasized about that in your mind. You dial a few digits and hang up because you are scared. But your desire is so strong and getting worse every day. You want, well you need a mistress to tell you how to wear panties under you work clothes. Making you feel like a slut as you go through your day. The feel of some panties on your fish dick and the material up your ass hugging your balls driving you wild. So don’t wait baby, you have put this off for far to long. Give in to your temptation, I mean it isn’t like you don’t already know that you want a strong domineering woman to own you. Don’t misdeal this time, put in all the numbers, and hear my voice as you tell me your pathetic desires and I command you obey me. I will be here waiting for you.

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    • Larry on February 9, 2022 at 1:04 am
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    I need your punishment baby!

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