Eat My Sloppy Ass

Sissy Phone Sex

Get on your knees and open your mouth! You’re going to eat my sloppy ass until I’m satisfied! Mommy is very horny and I have my BBC boyfriend coming over to pound my little Tranny fuck hole! You’re going to help Mommy get ready, and help your new Daddy get ready to plow me! I’m needing to be filled up by his bucket loads of cum, so you’d better not disappoint! Slurp my ass, and tongue fuck me if you have to! Make sure it’s clean enough to take the chocolate cock fucking that’s coming my way.

When he gets here, get down onto your knees and greet him with your mouth! He’s going to slide all twelve inches of his massive meat right down your fucking gullet. Better catch your breath before he begins, because Daddy isn’t going to stop forcefully face fucking you until he’s about ready to blow! Your spit is going to be the lube for him to force his way inside of me while I shove all ten inches of my Tranny cock inside of you! You didn’t realize it was a three way cock fuck fest? Stupid sissy girl! Keep licking Mommy’s ass hole until Daddy gets here!


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