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MILF Phone Sex

Dirty phone sex with trans girls` is your nasty little taboo, but did you know we can cyber fuck right from your phone? Sure, you can use your tablet or computer too, but I know the idea of having a ten inch thick cocked Transgender Domme Mommy at your fingertips turns you on more than you’ll ever admit. I know you’re craving cock throughout the entire day.

Don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from having access to this dirty girl dick.
Those cute little chats you send me? We can talk dirty there. I’m an eloquent writer, and even though you crave the sultry smoke of my voice, my words can send you over the edge just as easily. Discretion is what you always ask for; you can’t get caught unless you moan out loud baby. If I have it my way, you’ll be screaming my name while you cum. If you can’t have a true salty taste of this cock in your mouth, you can at least get addicted to my name. Sext me, baby. Let’s get nasty.

Roxanne, You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light

2 Girl Phone Sex

Listen up boys, Madame Raina has a new favorite whore in town. Miss Roxanne is here to show you what being a pretty PMommy is really all about. Who is this sexy slut I’m showing off? She’s my stripper bitch girlfriend who brings her little angels to work with her. This weekend, they came over to my place to watch the Chiefs and the Bucs eat shit. She would be eating my asshole while her sweet ones licked the candy pre cum from this thick girl dick.

Roxanne rimmed me while I forced her angel’s mouth down and around my massive surprise cock. That little one choked, and it only made me harder. Roxanne came around, and shoved her little one out of the way. “Let Mommy show you.” She told her little slutkins. Then, Roxanne throat fucked herself using my massive cock to choke herself out. It wasn’t long before I knew I needed to cum, but I made my sexy PMommy slut stop.

I wanted to blow my load deep inside the innocent assholes of one of her little sluts. I wanted to stretch, and desecrate that little chocolate cherry. I was going to have my pick of her litter, and make me a new little fuck toy. Want to play with us?

Anal Phone Sex

Mommy Raina Edges Her Toys

Mutual Masturbation

I love watching my sweet new little toys squirm desperately while they beg for me to please let them cum. I edge my darling pocket pussies until their poor cocks simply can not take the torture. I make those sexy things drip while they use their mouths to plead with me. I face fuck their oral fuck holes, slamming my big, thick girl dick down their throats.

My pretty toys swallow all ten inches of this shemale surprise. I bet you didn’t realize it at first, but women can be sexy with hot tits, a delicious ass, and a fat cock! I don’t need a pussy to make you feel good, as your cock would very much agree. Come here, baby. Sit on my cock, why don’t you? Let Mommy Raina jack you off nice and slow. My hands are going to work you into a fucking tizzy, I’m kissing on your neck and biting at your shoulder.

When your balls can’t take it, and you explode that hot, sticky cum all over, I’ll whisper nasty things in your ear, and then make you clean up every drop.

Domme Mommy Is A Trans Girl Gift

Anal Phone Sex

Some men crave tranny phone sex, which works out for me. My thick, ten inch girl dick is throbbing and ready for you. I’m a top Domme Mommy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t let a hot cock slide inside my tight little ass pussy. All cocks ass fucking me have to be big cocks though! If I’m going to be your bitch for a night, you’d better at least stretch me out real fucking good. I won’t suck a little dick either. If this delicious cock of mine isn’t wanted in your mouth, the one you slide inside my hot, hungry little mouth had better be of a comparable size.

Any man who’s cock isn’t at least seven and a half inches can’t put that thing anywhere near my glory holes. I will, however, be letting you put this fat fucking cock of mine down your throat. Make sure you lube me up real nice, because this massive monster is about to pop that little chocolate cherry of yours. I’m going to slam the fuck out of you, pretty boy. I’m going to really make you mine. Bend over, and say pretty fucking please, Mommy. Before mommy turns you into my little sissy bitch.

Do You Want Me To Cum?

Anal Phone Sex

You said you wanted me no strings attached, and baby that’s fine with me. Don’t even speak when you come into the hotel room. I’ll be on the bed, stroking my ten inch girl cock, and waiting for you to come have your way with me. I can see the starvation in your eyes; your mouth is watering, desperately hungry for my thick cock. I know you want my fire, want every last drop of me to fill you. You need the way only I seem to stretch you out. Strip, and slide my monster cock in your mouth. Lick, and suck, and make me moan; my hand tangled in your hair, on the back of your head, forcing it down my length. I can’t handle that for too long, you’re too desperate.

Climb up on top of me, yes. Line that tight little fuck hole up with the tip of my throbbing cock, and grease up before you slide down my bitchmeat. Bounce, boy. Fuck yourself on my cock, while I lay there playing with my tiddies, and watching you use yourself like the toy you are. Do you want me to cum?

Tranny Sluts Can Be PMommy’s Too!

Hot Phonesex

It’s hot enough that I have a ten inch, thick, juicy shemale surprise cock right here in my panties, but when my lovers find out that I’m also a PMommy Princess, they damn near cream their pants. How fucking sexy is that!? I love converting young sissy boys into my little shemale slaves, and sometimes even all the way into being my perfect daughters. I keep two sorts of boyfriends; big PDaddy Bear’s who like to get sadistic with me and my collection of younglings, and hot little twinks who begged me to gape their ass holes open, and make them choke on this thick tranny girl dick.

I like both, because either will be my PDaddy accomplice when it comes to playing with small slits and cuddley cocks. I’ve been craving a specific fantasy, where you help me turn my son into a sissy boy faggot. is that something that you think you might be able to do? I need someone he can practice sucking cock on, and someone who can help me train his tight teen asshole to stretch wide open and take thick cocks. I’ve got all weekend. Why keep me waiting?

Let Me Face Fuck You

Hot Phonesex

I have a new New Year’s Resolution this year, and it completely blows every other year out of the water. I want to have over 500 pathetic Sissy boys suck my cock by the time 2022 rolls around. The timer is going to start at 12:01 a.m. on January 1st, and throughout that entire year I guarantee you I’m going to shove my cock down at least that many throats. I was going to set a goal to stretch the most virgin assholes out, but I like to do that and it isn’t that much of a challenge. Now finding a nice married man who’s been craving a thick shemale fucking cock to choke on is a little more challenging,and a little more rewarding to me.
Look at me. I’m standing here, in my lingerie stockings and heels, dripping for you. The precum is oozing from the tip of my beautiful girl dick, and it is begging you to put it in your mouth. You know you need it too. You know you need to taste that amazing combination of salty sweetness that is my cock. You know you need to worship me. You know you need to have what’s in my balls, so open your mouth and open your throat, let me face fuck you and give you my hot sticky load.

Popping Ass Cherries

Phone Sex Addiction

Don’t know if you have any big plans for the holidays, but you can expect me to be running around trying to shove my thick 10 inch tranny cock in any unsuspecting cute little bitch I can possibly find. Oh yes, I like to send boys into the new year with freshly popped ass cherries. I want to slip my slick fucking cock in them, and stretch them out with my girl dick. I want to send them into the new year with a terrifying realization that they love cock, and now they absolutely cannot get enough of it. I have guys lining up down the block, begging to just jack me off and make me cum. It’s not very often I take my time to chase fresh meat down, but I’m telling you I could really go for a taste of some virgin ass boys.
Once you get a dose of my thick shemale cock, you will never be the same. No man or woman can ever compete with me again. Why? Because I’m a trans girl and I’m the best of both worlds. Not only do I have deliciously plump titties, and a hot little ass, but I also happen to have that slick, thick dick that pollutes your dreams and drives you crazy. We both know that I’ve been haunting your thoughts since the first time you got your hands on me. Why don’t you come back, and bend over for me?

Thick Dick Tranny Bitches


Anal Phone SexThick dick tranny bitches are what you really need, admit it. You’ve thought about it for a long time. You’ve let women peg you with strap ons, and fuck that tight little ass with dildos. You’re not into men, it isn’t that. You need a woman with the heart of a whore and the chick dick of your dreams. I’m ten inches long, and the hottest thing you’ve ever seen in a banana hammock thong. There’s no shame in it, and we can keep it discreet. Come give me a try, it stays between you and me.
That’s how I ended up with my last husband, you know? He decided to give some tranny cock a try; he’d been straight his whole life. It turns out he loved taking a thick fucking cock deep in his tight, virgin asshole. Well, he wasn’t a virgin for very long. He became such a fucking whore for my cock, it was insane. He would wake me up at three in the morning just because he needed to suck my cock, and then begged me to fuck him in his filthy whore fuck hole. How could I ever say no to that, being asked to stretch him the fuck out so sweetly?
Of course i couldn’t say no. I gave him exactly what he asked for, every time. Unfortunately, he isn’t around any more, so I’m always looking for a new hot, tight little fuck toy to suck on this ten inch tranny cock and to let me bottom them out in a way they never thought was possible. I’ll decimate your prostate baby, and you’ll cum harder than you ever have. Let me be your little secret. Chat soon x.

Best Phone Sex Lines

Eat My Tranny Cock


Discreet Phone SexYou called me for some hot sex, and we started our phone session right away.”Madame Raina, I heard you wanted to see me?” I take a step in, and shut the door with a smile on my face. My gaze was raw and hungry as I chewed on my lower lip. You knew the look in my eyes, and you start nearly squirming. You knew exactly what I expected from my little slut. You dropped to your knees; I giggled, stroking my thick cock beneath my skirt. “What a good girl.” I lift my skirt, and you see I’m not wearing any panties. “I think you’re as horny as I am. Go on, take a lick of this candy cane.” I step closer, and force you to kiss the tip of my thick pixie stick.
My cock twitched, slowly growing into it’s full ten inches. You wrap your lips around my throbbing tranny dick. There was a thick, sticky drop of my sugar-sweet pre cum oozing onto your tongue. You moan, and I whisper, “Good girl.” I grab a handful of your hair, my candy cane cock hard as fuck as I slid it into the back of your throat. You stare at me, wide eyed. pleading. “I think you can take it.” I coo. I pull you forward, pressing the tip of my pixie stick girl prick down your throat, dripping candy pre cum. I forced you balls deep. Your eyes are watering; I’m throbbing in your throat. “Good girl. Who do you belong to?” You try to moan that you’re mine, but you just end up choking all over my thick girl dick. I could read your gaze, and I started violently face fucking you, rough and quick, the taste of me filling your throat.
I came, hard, filling you up. You craved this, to please me. For me to use you. You need to be my little cumslut. You’ll swallow every load I offer. I came again, pulling out a bit so that milky sticky sweetness sprayed all over your tongue. You keep sucking, draining every last drop. “You love being used and ruined by me, don’t you, little one?” I smirk. My cock is getting hard again. “Do you want more?”

Fantasy Phone Sex

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