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I think it’s pretty obvious I have a panty situation, and I know you’re eager to set your sights on my throbbing ten inch shemale surprise. That’s right! I have something veiny and delicious waiting under my skirt. Don’t you want to sneak off to the bathroom with me and put a real woman’s cock between your lips? I can push the back of your head against the wall of the stall and give you a good goddamn throat fucking. If you can breathe still, you’re not trying hard enough to swallow my massive she cock and I know that’s what you want, isn’t it? To taste a hot fresh fucking load blow out of me, and right down your closet faggot little throat?

Mommy Please Show Me Your Rape Fantasies

Kinky Phone Sex

“Say it again.” I demanded, standing over you. “I’m your little fuck toy.” You whimpered. “You’re the fuck toy for a big cock Trans Queen?” “Yes and I need you to show me your rape fantasies! I need you to fill me up with that huge cock!” I smirked because that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I had you by the hair, and I wasn’t being gentle when I forced my cock all the way back into your throat. The swollen pink cock head is bouncing off your tonsils, making you unable to breathe. That’s okay because all you need is this girl dick showing you those rape fantasies right down your throat. There’s nothing you could have done to prevent me fucking your throat and forcing you to swallow all ten inches of my thick throbbing cock. You’re trying to squirm away, but I pin you against the wall while I pull my cock in and out of your sore, trembling lips. I could see it in your eyes, and by the swell of your pathetic dripping cock that you loved the way I was taking such advantage of you. And I was loving it even more than my little rape fantasy slut was.

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Thick Cock Shemales

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The tip of my cock was bumping the back of this throat gently. He’d asked me for help with his anatomy and physiology project. He didn’t know, when he was flirting heavy at the bar, that I had a little shemale surprise hidden inside my panties. Well we got back to his place, and I watched him strip down. Then, it was my turn. I slid my dress over my head, unclipped my sexy bra so it slid to the floor, and turned to face him. “Well what about your panties?” He asked, so I gestured and coaxed him over. “Help me out of them.” I purred. When he slid them down, the shock in his eyes was evident but it didn’t stop him from leaning forward and opening his mouth so he could take a taste.

Rock My Big Cock

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He couldn’t get over the way his asshole was actually stretching around my cock to accommodate it. In truth I wasn’t giving him much of a choice. I’d lubed by big fuck rod up with some coconut oil. With the extra left on my hand, I started finger fucking his tight virgin hole, at first only using one finger to probe around inside his little fudge factory. Well he was moaning and pressing back on me as if he were begging for more, so I slid a second of my well manicured fingers in there and started scissoring his asshole open. I knew he was going to love what I had next, so I took my big throbbing meat stick and I slid it in. You want to know the difference between Jelly and Jam babe? I can’t jelly my cock up your ass. I jammed my stick in there and started pumping the fuck away inside of him. He was my own little personal pocket pussy and I intended to make full fucking use. He was moaning and squirming, and I knew soon I’d turn him into a little cream filled doughnut if you will. My nice, stretched out cum dumpster.

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I Will Fuck Your Wife

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It isn’t easy having a cock bigger than your boyfriend, but it’s what I do. I cater to the pretty little ladies who have beau’s that just can’t rise to the occasion. They bring their dirty fucking boys over, and we strap them in my special observation chair. What’s it for? Holding them still and forcing them to watch while I fuck their wives. Those pretty little pussies are always so eager to sit on my ten inch cock. The men, well, they’re never as receptive at first but I Pavlov those motherfuckers. I make them stroke their cocks, of have some of my sissy whores jack them off for me while they watch my massive girl dick slide in and out of their girlfriend’s little juicy fuck holes. After about three sessions, I don’t have to restrain the men anymore. They happily watch and stroke themselves while I give their girls the pleasure they deserve.

Hot Phonesex With Mötley Crüe

Hot Phonesex

Every year around this time I take a little break from hot phonesex, and go and see my favorite Mötley Crüe cover band. Usually it’s pretty hard to get a seat since these guys are as close to the real deal as you’re going to get. Well I can’t lie, I have a huge hard on for those hair hard rocker types, so I was fixing to get myself back stage where I could have a little fun and maybe even get my rocks off.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a huge cock which is why I’m so popular on those phone chat websites. Guys love a sexy, naughty girl with a very special secret slid inside her panties. I packed my best weed already rolled up into five thick blunts, and I headed to the show. I happen to know the bouncers as they’re some of my best hot phonesex clients, so they let me slip right in the door after I jack ‘em off for a few minutes. The show was a hot fucking time for sure, and I got drunk and rocked out!

Right before it was over, I threw my panties up on stage and headed out the door. My security boy toys would let me back stage for sure. When the band came back, well it turned into one crazy gang bang time! We lit up the blunts, and did a few lines. I was already drunk when they started pulling me into their laps and groping me up. Well, the Mötley Crüe singer was the first to find my shemale surprise. I should have known after that he’d get addicted to the idea of hot phonesex with me but at the time I had no idea.

His cock came out and I did a line off of it before starting to suck him while another guy pulled my dress up and started eating out my ass while stroking my big cock. It became a band bang orgy before long! Needless to say, I’m already desperately craving next year’s show so I can have another hot gang bang with those sexy rocker boys.

Hot Phonesex

Panty Surprise In Your Parent’s House

Discreet Phone Sex
We met at the bar. You looked me up and down and knew you had to have a taste of me, had to catch a little bit of me. Little did you know I didn’t have a drippy wet pussy waiting for you; I had a throbbing hard cock. We were kissing at the bar, kissing in the taxi car on the way back to your parents house. You sneak me in the door, but you’re too drunk to make it to your bedroom so you get down on your knees and start trying to eat my hot, wet little cunt. Only, you found a throbbing ten inch dick ready to slide down your throat. Without missing a beat, you started choking on my cock, accepting your situation. Hope I don’t moan too loud and wake your parents up!

Domme Mommy Surprise

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Being a Domme Mommy who isn’t afraid to suck some cock from time to time isn’t a crime, it’s my way of life. The secret surprise inside is my panty line is what turns me from good to great. I have a ten inch cock throbbing, waiting for the right mouth to slide it in. Could it be yours?

We both know you fantasize about choking on a big fucking cock. Mine’s not black, it’s Brazilian and waxed is something you can count on from me. Nothing gets me harder than watching my thick dick sliding in and out of a nice, tight throat. Watching the bulge on the outside only riles me up more and makes me want to cum all over your face!

Men see a hot woman like me, and feel the need to want to fuck me. I don’t know what it is! But some of them don’t like my shemale surprise, so I slip it into their mouths and make them learn how to respect a true Goddess. I know you’re eager to have this thick girl dick slipping between your velvet soft lips. I’m going to get you addicted to me, just you fucking watch.
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Fucking You With My Cock

Anal Phone Sex
Bend the fuck over and spread them cheeks. Let me see how tight that little ass hole really is! I know you’ve been out cheating on me and taking big cock since I won’t fuck you. Well fine baby, have it your way! I strap you the fuck down and make sure that little black eyed susan is staring right at me. Spitting on it, I lube my cock up on your mouth. Better choke all ten inches down.


You’re going to want to gag so that my cock gets wet enough. The lube from your mouth is the only lube you’re going to get so I suggest sucking this cock like your life depends on it. The truth is that it does. If you don’t please me, I’m going to dress you up like a little lolita slut and parade you around the prison yards. You already know what the fuck that means!

My Special Surprise

Hot phonesex
I have a special surprise stored inside my bikini line for any man “man” enough to handle it! Ten inches of sheer, unadulterated she cock throbbing and oozing sticky pre cum awaits you, beloved. Don’t you think you can handle my stick? If not, maybe I’ll be nice and slide a finger in that ass to get it all warmed up. Then two, then as many as I fucking want! I’ll fist that fuck hole if it pleases me, and depending on how mouthy and whiney you are, I just might.

This cock is ten inches, ten mother fucking ass stretching throat choking inches, and my balls are real heavy with a hot dosage of cum. Are you hungry for this sticky load baby? Open up and say “ah!” for this big she male cock! I want to see it bulging in your throat, want to see you doing everything you can to suck out my jizz.

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