Domme Mommy & Her Young Ones

Group Sex

Everyone comes to fuck me because I’m a nasty Domme Mommy. They come to fuck my sons because of their special talents. I have a ten inch girl dick that’s thick, dripping, and ready for you. My sons, and my beautiful daughter, are just as hot as I am! My youngest is a dirty cock having shemale just like her Mommy. She has a huge dick, almost as big as my veiny monster. She loves to use men as her personal play things, but like Mommy Raina will take a fat cock in her tight little ass pussy the first chance she gets.

My middle rugrat is my son, and he’s a straight sissy slut. Or, he would be if his cock wasn’t fucking huge! He’s too big to turn into a girl, so we all use him as our pathetic little cum dumpster instead. His ass is so stretchy it’s a wonder it still feels so fucking right around my cock.

My oldest boy is a Dom, and he’ll Alpha even over me sometimes! When he presses the dripping head of his cock against my tight little fuck hole, I never know how to handle myself! He makes me wild! All of my offspring are thick dicked and special in their own way. How shall we play today?
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