Grab Her By The Throat And Fuck Her

Mutual Masturbation

Grab her by the throat and fuck her is my strategy for nutting in bitches mouths. I don’t ask for permission, I just grip a handful of their hair and choke their throat, and then slam my cock down that slutty gullet!  I will turn you into a cucky sissy whore, and you’re going to swallow every single inch of my dick. I started fucking my little sissy girl outside on the pool chaise, and she was screaming so loud I’m pretty sure the perverts next door heard! Not that I give a fuck! They came over to help me use my sissy girl, but in my opinion it’s the more the merrier!

Before she knew it, her little back door pussy was swollen with all ten inches of my massive tranny cock, and her mouth was full too! Me and the nasty pervy neighbor who was always asking me about my sissy sluts was fucking her throat. We had her spit roasted, and she was pleading with me around his cock to please help her, she couldn’t take it, she couldn’t breathe! I asked her if it looked like I gave a fuck! The next two weeks, I didn’t fuck her at all. I only stroked her shrinking clitty and made her horny enough to beg

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    • Neil on May 4, 2022 at 4:11 pm
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    Tranny cock is on my fuck it bucket list, Raina

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