Anything For Daddy

fantasy phone sex

So, I had a date with my sugar daddy. We had been out a few times and he had gotten a taste of that sweet nectar between my legs, but I knew what he had in mind. He wanted that hot little tight asshole he has been dying to fuck. He had his limo pick me up and drive me to the room he had rented for us. I walked in and beautiful rose petals lay on the bed, a bottle of champagne on the table and a marvelous dinner. As we ate, I removed my shoes exposing my nylon covered feet. I gently put my foot between his legs and started rubbing on his crotch. I could feel that beast come to attention and a smile appeared on his face. He laughed as he grabbed for my hand and pulled me to his lap. I sat with my back towards his chest and as he unzipped my dress his hands caressed by tits and he gently kissed my neck. I stood up and the dress fell to the floor leaving me in only thigh highs and heels. I knelt down and unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out. I spit on the tip, just like he likes. I started sucking him, slow and steady and firm and then…………… well I know you want to know, don’t you? It was hot and he got exactly what he wanted. Give me a call and I will tell you all about how he gaped my ass and spit in it.

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