So You’d Like To Be A Futa

Sissy Phone Sex

Little faggot boy wants to be a futanari shemale huh? Madame Raina is going to run the sexiest futa brothel where you can have cunt, cock, and ass all in the same fuck session! I’ve been training the best little sissy futa boys, and I’m going to show them off today. Watch them walk in those super high heels while I stroke my cock. The perfect little stockings all thrown up their legs, and oh how could we forget the garter belt for my little faggot fuck toys? On your back, legs up to the sky. That hole better be super wet and shiny for me or this is going to hurt a lot! I’m going to spread those cheeks myself and deep dive into my new personal little pocket pussy. Futanari faggots are my favorite fuck.

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    • Ray on May 6, 2022 at 12:15 pm
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    Thank you for teaching me about futa, Raina.

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