Down The Dark Path

fetish phone sexFeeling naughty? Feeling like you want to push yourself into the darkness. Delve into the unknown? Unsure what to expect and how to feel but know that you feel a warmth and your cock starts to get hard. Just the idea of being blasphemous is taboo. So taboo that you feel a little scared, but you can’t resist. Don’t be scared, I will show you the way. Into the darkness and unknown which is hot as hell and kinky. Submit yourself to me. Let me take you on a wild ride. Or maybe, you love this shit, and you can’t wait to go further. Push your limits using me as your vesicle. I don’t mind. I want to join you on this journey to be the tabooest that we can be. So bad that you question yourself. So taboo that you don’t repeat your dark fetish thoughts to anyone. So dirty that just the thought makes my pussy wet and your cock hard. So, love, come and join me as we go into the blackness. I will be waiting to guide you.

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