Worship Me

fetish phone sexAww you will now be my sissy maid. Living with me and taking care of my every need and every desire. I put the collar on you to let you know that you are mine, and only mine. Never to tell me no and always to worship me. Today you will clean my house and get it ready for my party tonight. A group of fetish freaks like myself. You will be our entertainment and they may be bringing their slaves too.

But first show Mistress Noreen just how pathetic you are. Strip down to only your collar and cock cage and get on all fours on the floor. Lick my shoe, let me know you have no more will in you, only the desire to do as I tell you. Worship and lick and suck like the ridiculous sissy that you are. Perfect. Now draw my bathwater and start to prepare my house. I will soak for thirty minutes and then you will crawl to my bathroom, sit beside the tub, and wash my body, shave my legs, and wash my hair. I bet you would love to be my muse to please me, providing everything I ask, even sucking a man’s cum from my tight wet pussy.

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    • Clark on June 23, 2022 at 7:55 pm
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    I’d suck your toes and drink that bathwater. I bet your pussy makes it taste gooooood!

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