Your wife is away, so it’s time to play!

Discreet phone sex

Hey Baby. I heard  your wife it out of town. So what are you waiting for? This hot as fuck MILF needs her cunt pounded by your massive cock now! Like, right now. I want to do all the things for you that she no longer does. I want to worship your cock, go down on you for an hour and just tease you with my tongue. Beg you to face fuck me until I gag on your massive member! You can cum all over my face and huge tits, and then we will get started on round two. I want to be your filthy cum gutter whore for the evening. You name it, I’m down. Let me throw my legs over your shoulders while you pound my super tight cunt so you can really, really get in there deep. I’ll arch my back and scream your name as I cum and cum and cum again. I’ll bet your wife doesn’t let you fuck her like this. We can get incredibly nasty, Maybe we can even invite one of my hot, horny as fuck friends to come over and play too. Ill watch as you fuck her tight little cunt from behind as she goes down on me, licking me up and down with one finger inside my sopping wet pussy. Nothing is too taboo here. You know that fantasy you’re afraid to tell your wife about? Tell me all about it baby, and let’s act it out. I’ll stop at nothing to make you cum over and over again, and you know i will. Your wife will never know either, I’ll be as discreet as can be. But we both know I’m the one you’re thinking of when you’re making boring, vanilla love to her night after night (when she let’s you anyway). So let’s have some fun tonight. 


    • Derek on May 27, 2022 at 2:36 pm
    • Reply

    I love a P accomplice.

    • Jerry on June 23, 2022 at 7:56 pm
    • Reply

    My wife left for good. Can I come over and play?

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