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Big tits and asses



I was sitting at the bus stop yesterday. I tend to take the commuter rail to work to avoid traffic. While waiting for the bus, there was a man sitting on the bench at the far end to the left. He just whipped out his cock and started stroking it! Oh my, I couldn’t help but keep looking over his cock was so big. I could no longer keep my composure, so I moved closer to him and started stroking his cock for him. Turned out my nylons got ripped up in the knees due to me dropping down to my knees and blowing his cock! It tasted so good, to have a perverts cock deep in my throat with no home training. My lack of morals always gets to me, he ended up cumming deep in my throat. I swallowed every bit of his cum! I truly enjoy strange sex with strangers, perverts really really turn me on. When I was blowing his cock, his legs were shaking. He couldn’t even stand up when we were through.  I hope he learned his lesson. He’s committing a crime that’s indecent public exposure. He could get in big trouble for that! Mmmhm it sure was good. 

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    • Julius on June 23, 2022 at 7:58 pm
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    I drive a bus, I ain’t seen you at a stop yet! I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

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