Humiliation Anyone?

fetish phone sexI tell you we are going to the glory hole and your cock cage can barely contain your raging hard on. Little droplets leak from it. You are in your sluttiest slip dress with no panties and your jeweled butt plug is on full display. You have been dreaming of putting your slutty mouth in one of those holes and sucking off as many men as you can, filling your stomach with warm yummy cum. Dreaming of having your man pussy in a hole and being pounded and filled like the cum dumpster you are. We walk in and that little pep in your step is popped as you see nothing but pussy waiting to be fucked. Not man pussy wither, warm hairy female cunt. You looked shocked but I tell you how bad you have been as I unlock the cage and lead you to them. Fuck them I tell you and perhaps I will have a surprise for you in the end. Reluctantly you push your mini penis inside the women. They don’t even notice as you are so tiny, they can’t feel it. Your eyes swell in tears as I humiliate you, but you persevere. You stick your tiny shrimp in each and every one just as you were told. I smile and lead you to the back room. Your eyes light up as we walk in….

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    • Brett on August 20, 2021 at 5:17 am
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    I love the way you humiliate me Noreen.

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