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You spent all weekend at home with the wife and fam. Running errands and all the other boring stuff. You tried to engage but your mind was on the outfit I had given you. Thigh highs, panties, and a cock cage. During the week you wore them religiously. Even sending me pictures throughout the day, but you had been watching porn without permission so as punishment I had taken them from you. Missing the feel of the hose on your skin and the way your panties hold your cock cage so tightly against your stomach. You even snuck away to call me, begging for their return. I laughed at each call and promptly hung up on you. I like sissies but that was pathetic.

You blew up my phone and email the rest of the weekend and with each notification I knew how desperate you were becoming. I also knew we had a meeting first thing on Monday and that I was going to have a lot of fun with you. I had barely gotten dressed when you were ringing my doorbell. I let you stand out there for a few minutes watching the panic increase in your face. I opened the door and you walked in and straight back to the changing room. There was nothing laying out for you, and you were in tears. I laughed and told you that you will need to earn them. Then I grabbed your hand and off to the glory hole we went. Wonder what I will make him do once we get there?

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    • Bradford on December 16, 2021 at 11:36 pm
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    You are the best freak. I love our calls.

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