What Kind Of Fuckery Was I Watching

fetish phone sexDo you see this picture? I mean really see this picture. Can you imagine watching that fuckery live? That is exactly what I did. This man called me and told me he had a fetish. Cool, that is what makes my pussy drip. When asked what he wanted to play he told me he wanted me to watch. Well, I let him know that I could watch but we can’t do two-way videos. He didn’t care he just wanted to show me what he was doing. I didn’t have a clue, but I could hear him moaning and he actually sounded a bit uncomfortable. Sure, I said. I got him all hooked up on my Skype, covered my camera and got to it. The microphone was on and this man was going ham. I had to actually yell at him to stop for a moment so we could discuss this shit. With ragged breath he told me all about his contraption and asked if he could push the bubble. I didn’t even hesitate and told him to push and keep on pushing. His ass was getting nice and full of his warm sudsy enema and I was enjoying the show. Let me tell you it ended with a dirty gushing mess. I loved it. What hot ass shit you want to show me on Skype baby?

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