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Feeling Horny and Kinky

Lately I have been so fucking horny. I want a big throbbing cock to fill my pussy, fuck my face, and finally fuck my ass then dump your cum all over me. I don’t want just a hour. I want to fuck all day and night. I have so many new things I want to try. Get in the shower with me so, I can see your cock rock hard. I will jerk off your slippery cock till your on the verge of cumming. Then let me squat over you and piss. Do not think I won’t let you piss on me. I want you to show me how much of a raunchy fucking slut I am. I want you to hold your cock in your hand then piss all over me. When your done lay me on the floor spread my legs wide open then fuck my cunt with your big throbbing cock. But do not let yourself cum yet. I want you to shove your cock down my throat and fuck my face till my eyes tear. I want a nice hot facial. I want you to pull your cock out of my mouth. Shoot your huge load all over my face in my hair. I want your cum dripping off my chin and onto my tits. Thinking about all of this has made my cunt soaking wet. I’m going to go get a hot bath with my dildo and fuck myself.

Kinky phone sex


slutty roommate

kinky phone sexMy roommate came over late sloshed, and drunk as a skunk. I couldn’t help but get a little hot and bothered watching her all felt up and her bra hanging out and little skirt riding up. I had some wild thoughts that I would end up acting on within a few minutes. My mind was racing. I had to go in and see what was going on. I could hear her slurring her words. I know she has gotten fucked by many guys, and I want to taste that creampie between her legs. So I do what I do best, and I make it known that I want to be the clean-up crew and slide in between her legs and lick her up from her asshole to her pussy. I want to suck that creampie and let it drip in my mouth and finger fuck her all the while I get her moaning from hitting her g-spot. It is nice to see her tremble and quiver with pleasure. A little fun ends up bringing some more fun. I have no idea if she will remember tomorrow, but I will keep enjoying her slutty ways tonight. I sure do love stupid filthy whores.

Abuse me

kinky phone sex

I’m a piss slut now, and I like it a lot. It is degrading and so fucking hot. I use to think I was all mighty and better than everyone. When I went out one day, and this guy kept trying to get with me. I’m a little mean and kept rolling my eyes at him and was so annoyed that he thought he had a shot with me. As I left the bar, I began to stumble and blacked out. I woke up to the same guy tying me up and using me. It was horrifying at the moment. I began to scream, and he started to beat the shit out of me. It means trouble for me. The guy started to tell me how I needed to learn my lesson. Pretty girls are total bitches. He was angry that I turned him down. He began to use me and piss all over me. I got so wet I couldn’t believe torture was turning me on so much. It was indeed a first, and I fucking loved every second of it, and he took advantage of me and didn’t let me go. After that time, I kept coming back for more I was hooked.

Southern Girl Pussy


No limits phone sex

My little Southern girl pussy is so fucking soaking wet right now I could fuck any guy who came along. I love being a nasty fucking tramp and I love being in control I’m a dominant bitch if that’s what you want to call me. I want to Duncan a somebody’s husband tonight I want to ruin. Are you the guy who likes to eat ass if you do I’ve got a nice tasty tart ass for you to eat on. Why don’t you come along and get your Munchies off I’ll let you pour chocolate into my asshole and lick it out. You need some of this sweet booty hole it’s exactly what a man needs and I know that because plenty of men have eaten out my booty before. I want to sit on your face and ride you like a cowgirl and you need that too I can tell. Come on you know you want this ass look at it, it’s so fucking sexy. Don’t you wonder how it tastes? Arent you horny for some nice bubbly bubble butt booty? Let this Southern girl please you, you know you need it. I won’t be too mean I’ll be just mean enough. You need a dominant girl who’s going to take over and show you how to do it right because you don’t know unless I tell you. I’ve got toys to play with two all kinds of fun toys and we can start with a nice chastity belt so that I can make sure you can’t touch your cock your little babe cock. I am going to make sure that you know how to behave and if you know how to behave I might give you a treat.

He is a Foodie


Fetish phone sex

Dallas wants me to be his food for the night, but Dallas is so freaky with his food. My friend Dallas has a fetish that just won’t quit, and I love it more than anything. Dallas wants to eat me up, but first, he covers me with all kinds of different foods that he loves to eat. My tits are covered with whipped cream, and my nipples have a cherry on top. This man knows exactly how to treat a woman; he is so fucking sexy he’s amazing, in fact. I feel so good whenever I’m with Dallas because he really takes his time with me. Have you ever met a nasty motherfucker that knows how to play with his food? I’m so fucking horny right now for Dallas and for what he did to me. He puts hot dogs in my pussy and eats them out. He says that I am so fucking tasty. Dallas says that my pussy lips are the perfect buns for his Oscar Mayer hot dogs. This is a man that really knows how to eat all of his food. Dallas has dinner in my pussy and dessert on my tits. I love the way Dallas ravishes me while I’m covered in his favorite treats. Every time we have a session, I cum all over the place. Dallas drinks my hot wet cum without an issue. I find it so desirable for a man to Feast on my entire body; he also sucks my skin until I’m full of passion marks. When Dallas is through with his sessions with me, my body is exhausted from cuming over and over again. My body is always excited when my food-loving sexual Beast approaches me. I met him in the grocery store, and ever since, he has munched on my pussy, my tits, and my body in The Most Extreme Ways.


Fetish phone sex


I love Whoring


No limits phone sex

I love whoring it’s my favorite thing to do. I was meant to be a sexy little cunt whore. I love sucking cocks and fucking guys and I don’t care who the guy is. If you need to get your big hard cock off then it is me who you want without a doubt. I lost my virginity when I was just a little girl and I have been fucking and sucking cock ever since. My mom calls me her favorite slut she says that I deserve an award for being such a cocksucking cum-guzzling slut. I fuck all of her boyfriends and that means we get whatever we want. No guy can resist me when I’m naked and ready to be his cum-dumpster. I adore it when guys fill my ass up with so many inches of hard hot dick. I get weak when a guy slaps my face with his bone hard dick. I am the kind of girl who won’t quit until I get a load of tasty hot cum in my mouth.

My Two Fantasies Fulfilled

Sissy phone sex


What are you doing at my door, sergeant Stevens? I thought I told you to stay the fuck away from my house. Everybody is going to find out about you’re harassing me; your ass is going to get exposed. This is Sergeant Steven every inch of massive 5 feet 2 in tall Napoleon syndrome card-carrying citizen. Sergeant Stevens has had a crush on me ever since we were in school, and he’s been trying to press himself on me, but I’m a slut, and I don’t want to be his fucking goody-two-shoes why. Sergeant Stevens thinks that he can save me, that’s why he’s at my damn door every night and every morning trying to see what I’m doing. This squint of a man is making my love life hell right now. You see, Stephens found out that I’m fuking a whole other type of guy a black guy with a big fat humongous dick. Ever since the old Sargent found out that I’m getting fucked real good, he’s mad. He was at my door last night and this morning and right now, but in my bed is lying my massive cock black houseboy. I’m going to invite all Sergeant Stevens into the house today. Come right on in, why don’t you have a seat right there on the couch, and I’m going to go get you something to drink. I’ll look at you; you’re just so damn cute and pitiful all at the same time. I like to laugh at you, but you can think that we are laughing together with each other if that makes you feel good and some kind of way. You are a bothersome piece of bottom-feeding shit, and I suspect that you know this. Well, let me peek into my bedroom and check on my huge satisfying Beast of a man. Look at him right there laying looking so fuking aggressive even in his sleep he looks like he could overpower all of my senses. I tapped him to wake him up, and I told him that the sergeant is in the living room, why don’t you go say hello to him. My Beast black God erupted it out of my bed. He was glistening from my squirting pussy juices that I rubbed into his skin after we fucked like mad stallions. He got up and walked right into the living room naked body, big dick in complete Beauty and all. I waited for a second or two. I walked in carrying Sergeant Stevens’s big cup of nice refreshing lemonade. My robe had come undone; the sergeant could see my nipples were peeking out at him, dripping wet pussy. I think Sergeant Stevens was already over the edge with that big black dick swinging riding his face but to see us both but naked knowing that was mean we had already been fucking or we would be real soon. My overpowering Alpha black man instructed Sergeant Stevens to put his 12-inch black rock hard cock into my sopping wet pussy. I don’t know what ran through Steven’s head, but he did exactly what my black man told him to do. The sergeant grab that a hard black dick; it seemed like it made him weak. He bent me over, and he ran that big black dick and tomorrow wet pussy. There’s so much more to tell you it was a long night. The sergeant doesn’t bother me now that I know he’s going to be my little sissy. I’ve got both of my fantasies wrapped up in one. I get to get fucked by a massive Alpha cock, and at the same time, I got to rule over an extreme beta male.

What to Do


College girls phone sex

I love you. I don’t know what to do without you here with me. I know your father; he hates that we’re together it seems like he wants me all to himself. I don’t understand why your father hates me so much, what should I do to win him over? Well, tonight is the night when I’m going to try to talk to the man who I hope becomes my father-in-law one day. I’m so nervous I’m afraid because I don’t know what to say it’s hard to try and get someone who doesn’t like you to open up. I walked into Daddy’s office, and I told him that I would do anything to get him to like me. I told my boyfriend’s dad that I wasn’t bad at all; if he only gave me a chance, I’d show him I was worthwhile. He told me to sit down; he was vague and emotionless. He looked at me; oh, he said to me that I was just one another pretty girl that is son is sowing his Wild Oats with. He said soon I would be gone just like all the other cute girls before me. I like I said why don’t you give me a chance then, he cut his ass so deep I thought I was going to start bleeding. He said, would you doing anything to make me like you. I responded, Yes, I would do anything. He will close to me; he put his hands on my shoulder. He started massaging me; then he ran his hand down to my breast. I couldn’t move. I was stuck, but I liked it. He squeezed my nipples, and I squeeze my breast. He got down on his knees he put his hands up my dress he pressed my pussy. He looked in my eyes, and it said, what you do anything? I responded, Yes, I would do anything.

Cum Guzzling Slut Time

No limits phone sex


Do you like to fuck? Would you like your hard cock to be satisfied? I know what you want, and I know how to give it to you. I’m a cum-guzzling slut who loves to slobber all over big fat dicks. I do it all that includes getting fucked in my asshole by two cocks at one time. How does that sound to you? Does it turn you on to share me with another man? I can satisfy you I can make all of your nasty fucking fantasies come true. I can even help you if you like rape fantasy phone talk. I’m a slut I’m a dirty whore, and I love being the way that I am. I have all the fun because I don’t have any rules or taboos whatsoever. You know what to do to get satisfied, but are you brave enough? I know your hard dick is calling my name. You should listen to your cock right now.

Party Time Orgy


Fetish phone sex

Last night I got invited to an exclusive party there are a bunch of guys there and only two other girls. When I walked in, the other girls were being ravished, and even though I looked a little bit shocked, I was super turned on. One of the girls had a nice round bubble ass, and two guys were fucking her at the same time. This girl was getting double dicked in the ass, and I had never seen it like that before, but instantly, my pussy was watery wet. A guy walked up behind me he said you’re wearing too much clothing, so he took my clothing off. Another guy walked up to me and grabbed my tits; he started licking and sucking. The guys made me get down on my knees as another guy walked up to me, grab the back of my head, and open my mouth with his cock. He thrust his big fucking fat head cock deep inside of my mouth and started stroking. Another guy started pulling at my legs for me to open them as he drove his thick huge long cock deep inside of my cum guzzling pussy, my pussy was juicing up, so all you could hear was the sounds of my wet juicy pussy taking in cock. I noticed when I looked that I was on the big screen, so the whole thing was being taped. But it wasn’t only being taped it was being live-streamed on some kind of website we’re the guys were given instructions on what to do to me and the other two girls. We were all getting fucked like cum dumpster cunt whores. I felt a huge cock driving to my asshole with such Force. I noticed something else; all of these big dick black guys were snorting coke off of my back and my ass while I was in doggy style position. All of the guys were black; that was crazy, and it was oh, so fucking good. I am a nasty fucking skank tramp bitch, and I love my life because I can’t get enough of huge cocks. Would you like to fuck me hard and make me feel good? Can I cum all over your cock? I can make you explode in satisfaction.

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