In the ghetto with Charlie

Orgy fantasies


I have been telling Charlie that I was going to take him to the ghetto so he can see what it was like to see how those strong black men who are always so very horny and very well endowed behave. You see Charlie is a big mouth with a whole bunch of money but no backbone. I’ve always thought of Charlie as a guy who would be totally dominated in the ghetto. I could just see him now begging those big black cocks to stop slapping his little white fairy face, I’m the girl who will be videotaping it all. You see Charlie has a really bad mouth too he’s such a raving racist he’s always saying this about the nappy headed black Inward and that about these jigaboo black girls it’s exhausting to listen to him. I’ve decided Charlie’s going to get his due I’m tired of all of his fucking bullshit when I spend time around him he makes me feel like a racist. I told Charlie that we were going to take a trip to my best girlfriends house I always threaten to take him to the ghetto but he always knew that I wouldn’t do it that’s why he trusted me so much. I didn’t care if I lost this sugar daddy I was willing to take a chance on the fact that he loved big black cocks and he was too fucking jealous of black women I thought to myself he was going to love it. When we got to my girlfriend’s house she invited Charlie and I in, we came in close the door lock the door Charlie was like looking at me all weird telling me this was a strange part of town I told him to settle down it was okay you see he was scared because my girlfriend was you see he was scared because my girlfriend was black and that was what set him off. Yeah he was afraid but he had no idea what was to come UC when my girlfriend went to get us something to drink she came back with more than glasses of refreshments she came back with five big black cock dragging monster dicks and they were going to teach this bag of lesson once and for all.

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