Mistress Faye

Mistress phone sex


I want to spank your pretty tart sissy ass I want to teach you how to behave for a mistress like myself. You seem to be ripe, and I’ve been looking at you thinking I could really add some value to your worthless fucking life. I want to ask you a series of questions. My first question is, do you want to be dominated? Do you want to be dressed up like a little sissy fucking cunt whore and be treated like the fag of your dreams? If I decide to make you my worthless little sissy slave, will you do everything I tell you and I do mean everything? I have wanted you to submit to me for so long now, and I guess I’ve gotten my wish. You’ve got Secrets you’ve got dirty little secrets that you don’t want your wife to know about, and for you to keep your secrets, you have got to do what the fuck I tell you to. I’m going to take you out after I dress you up like a cunt whore and lipstick high heels a tight skirt and a wig. I am going to make you walk the streets like a fucking common prostitute I’m going to make sure that a nice hot big hard cock guy picks you up and makes you work for my money. Whenever you speak to me, I want you to call me mistress Faye. You had better know for sure that mistress Faye owns you I control you I’m the reason why you still have your wife after all. If you cross me, I’ll have to send her all those pictures of you dressed up like a cunt horse Sissy. I want to know what do you think that she’ll say when she sees you wearing her pretty little panties and bra?

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