If the price is right

phone sex whoreI would do anything for the right price. When I found out my boss loved an excellent phone sex whore I decided to divulge in that. I knew his dark secrets and could play along with him. In all actuality, he was a small cock loser who was getting cheated on by his young hot wife. He tried endlessly to get in my pants but that sure as hell wasn’t going to happen. I like men who can make me orgasm not men with a Napoleon complex. He was a short man with an even smaller cock. I had no interest in entertaining him. I did however find an area that piqued my interest. I was all for letting him tie me up and spank me. A little BDSM for the loser would have me pocketing plenty of coins. It was hard to contain my laughter seeing him with a leather whip. Tying me up with ropes and watching him jerk off was more of a comedic release than anything. Thankfully I was able to save my laugh for after the sessions. Calling him big daddy when he was a nub owner was the highlight of my year. 

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