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Easter orgy

discreet phone sexSugar Daddy Mike loves discreet phone sex, and I always cater to his every need. I know if I treat him well he will make the sugar bowl even sweeter for me. My best friends are all hot as lava. I knew bringing them over for a nice easter orgy would keep me in good graces with my sugar pop. I like when he sweetens the deals with nice birkins and trips to the south of France. I know the way to his heart, and he knows the way to my cunt. I don’t necessarily love being his cum bubble slut, but it makes me wet to think about all he gives me. My hot friends love to be spoiled even if it means they need to be groped by a middle age coach potatoes. The sexy pack and I end up shooting videos to keep in daddy mikes memorabilia. All of us in easter bunni attire gets him riled up and ready to shoot — what a way to celebrate. We already know he’s going to shoot his load instantly. His tiny dick can’t take too much excitement. We scissor and cum and make him have the best front row seat. We do a little tug and pull on his mini meat stick. Whatever keeps us in his good graces we will do. His fantasy phone sex dream squad.

fantasy phone sex

Nasty Nympho Nanny Nann

blonde phone sexblonde phone sex with a deviant nanny like me is pure satisfaction. I tend to the wee ones and knock them right out with some benedryll. I swear there is nothing better than diphenhydramine. It hits those little suckers right out. When the lights are out the nanny will play. I invite a few friends over, and then I tend to my cunt. I like fucking strangers and having plenty come right over. This past Friday I had two friends visit me. Both were eager to fuck a hot young nanny. Their dicks were raging, and my cunt was dripping wet. When I’m horny, I am always game for anything. Good dick will make me do nasty things. In this case, I had two cocks making me release. I knew they wanted to push limits and I was so horny that I was going to say yes. Their cocks happened to be P-cocks. At first, I was hesitant, but before I knew it, I had them follow me to the rooms and take full advantage of those youngins. Best part they slept right thru it all.

Peeping on me

big tits and asses 

The next door neighbor has a crush on me. Who wouldn’t? A hot blonde Nanny with the perfect rack and ass. I have been told that big tits and asses hypnotize. Well, I have certainly seen it for myself. I love it when you have a crush on me. You will do anything for my attention. The next door neighbor can’t get his eyes off of me. I have to tease. Teasing is what I do. I am pretty good at it too. I put my hot bikini and enjoy the spring sun. I glance over and see you perving. I know you are waiting for me to skinny dip or do something out of those porn videos you watch. Instead, I strip and rub on my cunt with the outdoor shower head. I am giving you a plain view of me being a nasty whore. I think I will keep pushing your buttons till you can no longer take anymore.


phone sex whoreI am more than a phone sex whore to my new boss. In his eyes, Whatever dude, I am here to collect my stacks and keep it moving. I think he has a sick obsession with not only porn but me as well. I could be careless as long as he’s making deposits. I like to fuck broke guys anyways, but I do love to indulge in filthy rich fuckers. My heart and mind crave two different things.

I get the best of both worlds fulfilling his fetish. I get to go back home to my musician boyfriend and have great sex. While I am working, however, I have a few daunting tasks. Sucking his cock is by far my least favorite thing but watching him get fucked by trannies is something I prefer. I have been able to mold him into the kind of sick fuck I like. I managed to let him talk me into going into a casting couch — all the for the right price. I could see his little dick perk up as I went thru the audition. I will do anything for the right price. I made ground rules and even though I didn’t follow thru with the porn career he wanted of me, I did have a few famous solo masturbation scenes. My favorite is making him the sissy bitch live on camera. Sissy phone sex is another fave of mine. Making my boss, my sub is another perk.

Sissy phone sex

Phone sex games with a true sissy

Sissy phone sex

Phone sex games where I am in control are my favorite. My favorite caller always does all sorts of things for me to prove he is a sissy. What he loves the most is making me happy and pleasing me in every way he can. I like it when he dresses up for me and makes me a happy princess. I have all the blackmail evidence in my hands. I love making him take pictures of himself in lingerie and making him wear makeup and do poppers. I give him homework and a chore list, and he is always eager to make his Perfect princess happy.


Not only does he spend so much money on me but he has secured my future. I made him drop his kids and ex-wife from the will. I am the sole beneficiary and that is how it should be. My sissy goes by the name of Maggie. Maggie knows I can ruin her life in ways so brutal and cruel. Maggie knows not to cross me, and her primary goal is to keep me in bliss. I get to enjoy all the more exceptional things in life, and I don’t even have to be near that sissy slut. I make her eat cum for breakfast lunch and dinner. Sissy phone sex with a true sissy is so lucrative for me.



phone sex games

My friend and her cuck

Phone sex gamesCheap Phone Sex

Phone sex games with complete cuck addict are fun. My friend Denise has a husband who has no idea we get our chocolate dosage. He quickly found out and became hooked watching us. I brought over a ton of guys from the college basketball team. We have a sweet tooth for chocolate and coke. The best things in life if you ask both of us. We are avid black dick lover. We like to get high together and do blow right out of big black cocks. The white lines along those dark cocks are visually appealing. Our cunts are dripping wet, and we even get some ecstasy to get us prepped.

We have that cuck sit back and watch us get fucked and used by big juicy dicks. We both moan in a total pleasure high as kites, and we are addicts at this point. All we think about is our next bump and our next pound. Our pussies drenched in creamy nut juice from every muscular black guy in our city is what we long for. We are size queens to the max and even walk over to her husband and measure his pathetic worm and giggle and laugh. We both fuck those big black beef sticks while staring at the cuck in the eyes.


Big tits and asses get the job done

big tits and asses

My boss hired me because I have all the right assets. Big tits and asses will take you far. I happen to have the best tight ass ever, and when I got this job, I never knew the perks were going to be out of this world.

I don’t mind making a rich man happy as long as he spoils me and keeps me paid. My holes are your playground. My perfect ass can be your cum slot. I especially love when you finger my bum and rub my cunt. Knowing you will be treating me like the princess I am. Gets me horny. It’s all about the benjamins anyways

I understand your wife will never suspect and that is how I like it the most. Fucking in her bed and robbing her blind is all part of the plan. Knowing you won’t be spending a dime on her because you have a perfect princess to spoil. You keep me coming back to serve you.

$$$Million dollar pussy $$$

orgy fantasiesI have been fucking all my fuck buddies around the family mansion nanny at, My boss been spying on me. The whole place is bugged, and I found out he was personally targeting me by the stuffed teddy in my room. Since he wanted a show, I was going to give him one all over the house. He soon realized I was on to him and must have been shuffling and trying to figure out a way to keep me hush. I would look directly to the lens and I would even wink. After that, he was left paying a fee. After all, I do have expenisvie taste and have been told my golden pussy is a million dollar kind. I like that I had to make no verbal or written agreement to get what I want. It was second nature for him to pay up so he could enjoy the show. Consider this pay per view on demand. My boss keeps me happy because he knows I could ruin him whenever I want.

Ultimate deal

group sex

I had a long day at school and didn’t want to deal so much with the rugrats. Luckily the girls were away with the parents, but I had to take care of young Tommy. Tommy was always in my business and had a massive crush on me. I knew it was going to be hard to get him to go to bed early. Tommy was not quite a tot but not yet a man. I knew he was in between stages and was late on the bases. I heard him talking to his dweeb friends on how he kissed me and played with my holes. I thought I had gotten him to bed when I was having a full on the convo about group sex and hitting the bong. I rarely ever get some in my system but today was a day I needed it more than anything. A little maryjane and some company from my dildo were all I wanted. I panicked when I saw Tommy right in front of me with his jr. cock hard as can be. I knew I had to fix the situation. I had to bribe the brat, or I could say goodbye to my job. I agreed I’d let him watch as I rub one out and I would even make him feel up on me, and I would honor his fantasy of getting me to kiss him and his dick.

Sissy phone sex gets me what I need

sissy phone sex

I wanted to score a new client. I didn’t want to nanny for him. I wanted him to invest in a couple things I needed him. I found out his juicy secrets from his ex-nanny. A close friend of mines spilled the beans. I had so much ammo I needed to do something with it and I had the idea. I went in for an interview for an assistant position. I had no desire to be his assistant. I needed those fifteen minutes to draw some fear in him. I had more on him than just a sissy phone sex addiction. I knew he was a full-on crossdresser. I had proof and was willing to extort him for a pretty penny.

I knew I needed to catch him in the act if I wanted solid evidence. Pictures can be manipulated but video cannot. I told him I had everything and even gave him a sneak peek. I promised I would indulge in his fetish for a small fee. I liked having power over him. I made a few trips to the glory holes followed by the banks and shopping sprees. It was like taking candy from a tot. The loser didn’t dare try to stop me. I was getting everything I wanted and more. I was loving watching him be a complete sissy bitch in all honesty. Watching cum drip from his mouth seeing how subservient he was was amusing. I had everything against him and everything going for me. I knew I could break his reputation. The cross-dressing was the least of his problem. I knew how much he loved youngins. His cock twitched for boys. Not only did he wear dressed he loved watching porn for his p-cock. His dress-up sessions and cum loving splurges were least of his issues.

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