An Old-Fashioned Key Party

kinky phone sex Everyone who meets me thinks I am just a classic girl next door type. Never judge a book by its cover. I am neither innocent nor wholesome. I am a downright dirty girl. I just hide it beneath an exterior of sophistication and class. My parents were Hollywood swingers. They hosted wild sex parties. They always thought I was sound asleep. Now, I throw sex orgies. I think it is smart to explore your sexual desires and never deny your sexual curiosity. I invited about 20 couples I know. I wanted to have an old-fashioned key party. I have a strange fascination with the 70s. That is when swinging was in its heyday. The virus has changed how we have parties now, so I kept it small. Well, small for me. I was the only single person at my own party. That was because I wanted to walk around and join couples. I love threesomes. My orgy was a success. Men hooked up with women they did not come to the party with. I was a good hostess too. I made sure my swinging couples had whatever they needed: protection, lube, restraints, hot wax, pot, libations and sex toys. And, if they wanted a hot sexy woman to turn a twosome into a threesome, I was there for that too. I throw the best parties.

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