Ulterior motives we all have them. I’m no exception I always have a plan in my agenda, I took a job as a nanny for an extremely wealthy family. I knew going into this I was going to cause some damage. You know when you are a hot blonde with a hot set of tits you can become a threat real quick.

When I applied, I knew just what to do. I put my most sophisticated outfit on covered my cleavage and outlined some key points On my resume. Like the fact that I have experience tutoring but I left out I also broke up my bosses marriage at the tutoring center. I also pointed out I am fluent in Spanish and took frequent trips to Spain to broaden my knowledge of the Spanish culture. I also failed to mention some dumb husband always paid for all those lavish trips.

As soon as I make it in your life, I am going to cause havoc real quick. I’m a threat to the Step-ford housewives. I’m young and hungry for cock and attention and expensive gifts and royal treatment.
As a young slut, I learned through babysitting gigs how desperate husbands are to fuck a hot chick. I know just the sight of me has you stiff in your pants. Just knowing I can break your marriage anytime gives me wicked satisfaction. I like wearing slutty outfits around you while your pathetic wife is gone. I want to show you what you need in your life.

I’m a nympho, and I’m always down to fuck especially if fucking you comes with some perks. I like to fuck you while your wife is home in the shower getting ready for a night out with you. I want to do all the things your wife won’t. I can be your young cum slut; I like to fuck all the positions. I know how tired you are of fucking missionary with your boring wife, You are missing the excitement and a hot slut who will satisfy all your needs and desires. Be kind to me baby I can be your dream whore. Every positive has a negative too. Mines is very simple; If you cross me, I will ruin you! So don’t forget to put me first always, and I will be your hot guilty secret.

-XO Nanny Nann

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