Peeping on me

big tits and asses 

The next door neighbor has a crush on me. Who wouldn’t? A hot blonde Nanny with the perfect rack and ass. I have been told that big tits and asses hypnotize. Well, I have certainly seen it for myself. I love it when you have a crush on me. You will do anything for my attention. The next door neighbor can’t get his eyes off of me. I have to tease. Teasing is what I do. I am pretty good at it too. I put my hot bikini and enjoy the spring sun. I glance over and see you perving. I know you are waiting for me to skinny dip or do something out of those porn videos you watch. Instead, I strip and rub on my cunt with the outdoor shower head. I am giving you a plain view of me being a nasty whore. I think I will keep pushing your buttons till you can no longer take anymore.

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