A Naughty Therapy Session

kinky phone sexI made an appointment with my therapist and as we were sitting talking over the day’s events, I couldn’t help but notice that big bulge in his pants. As we continued on, I became fixated on it, to the point that my pussy was starting to get wet. So bad that I had completely tuned him out even. Unable to wait any longer, I sat back allowing my skirt to creep up and expose my pantiless wet cunt. That got his attention, and the bulge became bigger. I then put my feet on the table giving him a better view. He stuttered his words and I smiled. I started to unbutton my blouse and he sat staring. I removed it and got up from the couch, moving towards him. He sat still as I bent down to unbuckle his pants and got between his legs. I pulled his throbbing cock from his boxers and started sucking. I always give great blowjobs and as he started to moan, I took it out of my mouth and spit on the head before taking him deep. As I tasted the pre-cum, I lifted myself, pulled up my skirt and lowered my juicy wet pussy on top of his rock-hard cock. He buried his face in my tits and as he was sucking on my nipples, I rode him furiously. As he filled me with his warm cum, I came on his cock. I stood, wiped my mouth and cunt and told him I would see him next week.

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