phone sex whoreI am more than a phone sex whore to my new boss. In his eyes, Whatever dude, I am here to collect my stacks and keep it moving. I think he has a sick obsession with not only porn but me as well. I could be careless as long as he’s making deposits. I like to fuck broke guys anyways, but I do love to indulge in filthy rich fuckers. My heart and mind crave two different things.

I get the best of both worlds fulfilling his fetish. I get to go back home to my musician boyfriend and have great sex. While I am working, however, I have a few daunting tasks. Sucking his cock is by far my least favorite thing but watching him get fucked by trannies is something I prefer. I have been able to mold him into the kind of sick fuck I like. I managed to let him talk me into going into a casting couch — all the for the right price. I could see his little dick perk up as I went thru the audition. I will do anything for the right price. I made ground rules and even though I didn’t follow thru with the porn career he wanted of me, I did have a few famous solo masturbation scenes. My favorite is making him the sissy bitch live on camera. Sissy phone sex is another fave of mine. Making my boss, my sub is another perk.

Sissy phone sex

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