Hot Phone Sex

I’m quite the nosey neighbor, I love following up on all the sex scandals, juicy gossip and horny stories from the neighborhood desperate housewives. The best place to catch up on all the inner neighborhood chatter is the weekly PTA meetings. I don’t even have any babbling brats, but I love attending because us ladies get wasted and talk about our latest sexcapades! This week, I decided to spice things up and I brought a bottle of absinthe to really get the party started! The ladies and I got so trashed and our retellings of that week’s dirty horny stories made us all so wet and creamy! We all started pulling our clothes off and licking each other’s holes.  I guess when you put a group of horny drunk women together in a school gym, orgies are bound to happen! We ended up in a pile of naked, wet, slithering tongues and cum filled pussies! I could taste their husbands, yummy!


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