Breeding machine for the boss

Little girl phone sex

My boss has been having a series of fantasies of getting me knocked up. He wanted to pay big for it too, At first things started out simple. He liked me sending him pictures and having little girl phone sex with him. Then it jumped to hand jobs and before I knew It I was giving him blowjobs and letting him plow me on his work desk. We always used a rubber. One day the condom slipped and he didn’t want to stop. He told me he wanted me to be his breeding machine. He wanted me knocked up and wanted my pregnant twat all to himself. He thought there was nothing hotter than having both me and his pathetic wife pregnant at the same time. I knew me carrying his tot would secure plenty of money and blackmail power so I was down. Power makes my pussy horny as fuck anyways.


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  1. tim

    You are one dirty girl!

  2. Micheal

    I want to breed you!

  3. Adam

    You have such a sexy body for breeding. You would have 20 of my babies.

  4. Keith

    I would get that baby batter buried deep in that cunt of yours.

  5. frank

    Damn you sexy baby

  6. Terry

    How could he not want to knock you up, your a hot piece of ass!

  7. Keith

    i’m horny as fuck too

  8. jeb

    I want you to carry my child too, baby. maybe i’ll knock u up next

  9. Justin

    I want to deposit my baby batter inside you!

  10. Steve

    I would love to get you pregnant, honey.

  11. lewis

    I would fuck you so hard my desk would break

  12. dad

    You are such a good babysitter

  13. Ryan

    I would do the same to you too. Sexy girl.

  14. Anthony R.

    Can’t wait to have you and make plenty of them

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