Spank sessions

how to phone sex nannI knew how to phone sex with a kinky motherfucker. I know there are guys who enjoy certain kinks. I have had first hand experience with those who enjoy swatting my nice tight ass. My freshman year I funded my lavish trip all through Europe with a boss who enjoyed watching me play with my cunt. I had to hang out with him for hours. It would sometimes run the whole night. It would all be worth it though. I enjoyed fucking my holes in front of him. When he wanted to spank me till I was beet red I was hesitant. He knew my language he added wads of cash and I was practically begging him to hurt me. I was pleasantly surprised feeling his smacks. My clit was tingling and I was enjoying it so much I was so wet and ready for his dick. I was going to let him fuck me right there in the office. It was a late night at the office and I was enjoying plenty of kinks.


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  1. ryan

    That pussy is so cute

  2. david

    Mmm I wanna talk about all your kinks!

  3. Cody

    I love spanking tight asses like yours.

  4. Charlie

    I want to spank your sweet ass

  5. Gardner

    My hands on your ass would make me cum in no time!

  6. Terance

    I wanna spank that ass and jerk off on it

  7. Ron

    You are so fucking sexy.

  8. Sam

    hot babe

  9. Steve

    I would love to see you use that toy on yourself.

  10. Ben

    I want to spank your cute little ass too!

  11. Frank

    I get rock hard watching you play with your pretty little pussy.

  12. Thom

    I’d love to spank you and fuck you

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