Brent Can I borrow some Sugar

Hottest phone sex


I really want this man to fuck my bubble ass right now, and he has no idea that I’ve been dreaming about his sexy ass. I lust for him to drive his big fat solid throbbing cock deep into my gaping asshole and now I want that dream to come true. Brent is my neighbor, and he’s married to this really needy little cunt whore. I noticed every day at 12 p.m. that bitch goes out jogging and stops at the gym down the street, she stays gone for at least an hour. I watch Brent’s cunt whore wife leave the house, and I start to play with my pussy thinking about how I should go over knock at the door wearing nothing but a housecoat and high heels. I always see myself the same way knocking at the door asking Brent if he has a cup of sugar and letting him invite me in. Once I get inside, I drop my robe to the floor, and I drop down to my knees and yank Brent’s hard thick cock out of his pants and start to suck it viciously. I imagine that Brent’s eyes roll back his knees get weak and his cock throbs in my mouth. I always see myself sucking Brent until he’s weak entirely unable to stand he drops down and then I jump on his hard cock and started riding it like a maniac prostitute slut. For some reason I always see myself being caught by his stupid fucking wife I want it to happen, so I’m about to be on my way to Brent’s right now wish me luck.

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