P Babysitter

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It’s not just the girls on my cheerleading team that I pimp out to horny older men, I pimp out the little brats that I babysit too. I like being an accomplice to horny P men and finding tiny young cunnies for them to fuck. I had a client who wanted to fuck two sisters in one night and asked if I could arrange it for him. I found the perfect pair of sisters for him to have some fun with. I had both of the little brats strip down naked and touch each other’s cunnies and put on a show for the client. They rubbed each other’s tiny little tits and fingered their little pussies while both of us watched and directed them. They were eager little sluts and loved all the attention they were getting. Then they both sucked his big cock while I held their pig tails behind their heads. They were perfect little cock suckers and made him cum sooo good. Then both of them licked up all the yummy cum. They loved the taste of cum so much that they were begging for more. I can tell that these two are going to be my best little sluts yet.

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