Test Drive

Hot phonesexI had to take my car into the shop this morning.  Nothing was wrong with it, it was just time for it’s check up.  I rolled in, and noticed that there was a Ferrari in the garage area already.  I love my car, its a very nice car, and I am very fortunate to be able to have it, as it is a major luxury brand, but a Ferrari it is not.  Ever since I was little I have wanted one, that and a Lambo, but I cannot afford to have either … yet.  I am working on it, believe me.

I walked into the office to talk to the man behind the desk and he saw me looking into the garage while I was filling out the paperwork.  He asked me if I had ever driven one. I laughed and said no.  He asked me if I would like to.  I just looked at him.  He said he was serious, it was his boss’s car and his boss was out of the country and he let the guys in the shop use it while he was gone as a perk.  I told him I would think about it.  I would of said yes right away but my mind kept thinking, “what if you have an accident with it.” 

I waited for my car to be done, but I kept looking at the Ferrari.  Another guy came in and tossed me the keys.  He said, “Go on, take it.”  I told him alright. I walked over to it and just let my fingers glide over it’s perfect surface.  I opened the door and went to get into it when the first guy came over to me and told me that I could drive it, but for a price. Of course, I knew there had to be catch.  I really really wanted to drive it.  He said, we want to see you.  I said, “I’m right here.” He said no, I mean really see you!

I told him that I would be happy to show them what ever they wanted if they would let me keep the car for a couple of hours.  He went back and talked to the guys. It was one thing to let someone drive it around the block, but a whole other to allow someone to take it for a few hours.  I was looking around the inside of the car, when he came back and said that if I stripped, and took some pictures by his Boss’s car that he would give the okay.

I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough.  All four of them kept taking pictures of me, I was having so much fun  posing that I almost forgot about the drive.  When they were satisfied, I got dressed, they opened up the door, and off I went.  I thought for sure that they would ask me for blow jobs or a fuck since their cocks were all hard as hell when we were done with the photos. Holy shit!  That car was so damn amazing!  I went to everyone’s home I could think of and let them take a drive with me.  I had so much damn fun.

I brought the car back after a few hours, and I left the shop with a huge smile on my face.  They told me to come back anytime, I said I would.  Next time I hope they have a Lambo in the shop because God only knows what I would do to be able to drive that around the city for a little while.

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