He is a Foodie


Fetish phone sex

Dallas wants me to be his food for the night, but Dallas is so freaky with his food. My friend Dallas has a fetish that just won’t quit, and I love it more than anything. Dallas wants to eat me up, but first, he covers me with all kinds of different foods that he loves to eat. My tits are covered with whipped cream, and my nipples have a cherry on top. This man knows exactly how to treat a woman; he is so fucking sexy he’s amazing, in fact. I feel so good whenever I’m with Dallas because he really takes his time with me. Have you ever met a nasty motherfucker that knows how to play with his food? I’m so fucking horny right now for Dallas and for what he did to me. He puts hot dogs in my pussy and eats them out. He says that I am so fucking tasty. Dallas says that my pussy lips are the perfect buns for his Oscar Mayer hot dogs. This is a man that really knows how to eat all of his food. Dallas has dinner in my pussy and dessert on my tits. I love the way Dallas ravishes me while I’m covered in his favorite treats. Every time we have a session, I cum all over the place. Dallas drinks my hot wet cum without an issue. I find it so desirable for a man to Feast on my entire body; he also sucks my skin until I’m full of passion marks. When Dallas is through with his sessions with me, my body is exhausted from cuming over and over again. My body is always excited when my food-loving sexual Beast approaches me. I met him in the grocery store, and ever since, he has munched on my pussy, my tits, and my body in The Most Extreme Ways.


Fetish phone sex


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