Abuse me

kinky phone sex

I’m a piss slut now, and I like it a lot. It is degrading and so fucking hot. I use to think I was all mighty and better than everyone. When I went out one day, and this guy kept trying to get with me. I’m a little mean and kept rolling my eyes at him and was so annoyed that he thought he had a shot with me. As I left the bar, I began to stumble and blacked out. I woke up to the same guy tying me up and using me. It was horrifying at the moment. I began to scream, and he started to beat the shit out of me. It means trouble for me. The guy started to tell me how I needed to learn my lesson. Pretty girls are total bitches. He was angry that I turned him down. He began to use me and piss all over me. I got so wet I couldn’t believe torture was turning me on so much. It was indeed a first, and I fucking loved every second of it, and he took advantage of me and didn’t let me go. After that time, I kept coming back for more I was hooked.

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