My Country Boy is the Best

Mistress phone sexMy country boy picked me up in his truck, and we snuck away. I love when I steal away to chat with Paul. Paul is the best fucking big country buck I know, and I’m smitten. I meet up with my secret lover whenever I can get away. Paul is perfect because we can do everything I never do with my husband with him. When Paul comes to my job, he always requests me to be his assistant. I’m a part-time realtor, and Paul often looks at new properties. The two of us, Paul and I get to fuck like bunnies. This morning was different though, Paul wanted to get nasty. I wore a sexy little slutty black and red dress like I was asked to. We met up at a sleazy motel in a sad part of town, where he rented a couple of hours. We couldn’t get into the room soon enough before unleashing tongue to neck a mouth actions. One can begin to imagine what happened when we went inside that dirty whore dive. Paul slid his tongue up my thighs until he got to my panties. My pussy was screaming for the heat of his hot thick tongue to enter in. My country boy is a master with his smooth snake tongue. All of a sudden I felt the rush of his piercing twisting mouth meat, pouring into my pussy. My body never felt so good as he makes me think. When I start to shake uncontrollably, Paul dips into my asshole face first causing me to fill his face with my tasty candy cum. This is just the beginning.

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