Campers Delight

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Our camping trip got wild last month, twice a year I go on a couples camping retreat, and we love to do things that go beyond the border of exotic. I would say that we are cum guzzling nasty at the least. Melissa is my best friend, and her boyfriend is my best fuck besides my own boyfriend that is. I love to devour Melissa’s tasty cum soaked pussy and make her feel better and squirt harder than any man could ever do. Melissa’s boyfriend loves to see the two of us, Melissa and I intertwined in our heated passion, he likes to see my long tongue piercing into her wet cum-filled cunt. I have always craved the thought of being a free bisexual open relationship having, sexual love goddess. I make my boyfriend’s cock sweat pre-cum because I take charge and my loverboy gets so turned on by it. This particular trip was wilder than all of our other trips before because we happened to meet a new edition to have super fun with, this couple Maxie and Jeff, they were very extravagant, to say the least. I thought that I was kinky, but I had no idea how kinky I could get if driven to the point of no return. Melissa and I were catching up on some pussy eating alone in our tent while the boys were out collecting firewood when all of the sudden someone unzipped our camping tent and entered. She was terrific, she was a tall redhead with a nice round ass and fiery hazel green eyes. The lady said her name was Maxie, she told us she heard sounds of passion and became overwhelmingly filled with thoughts of joining in. Maxie bent down and licked her beautiful full lips before kissing my asshole and opening up my cheeks to dive her exceptionally long tongue deep inside. I didn’t stop Maxie from stuffing my ripe, tight asshole because it felt so good with her thick wet long tongue diving deep in my asshole. I made Melissa scream even louder than usual because my own pussy was in a cum squirting spasm from Maxie and that was just the beginning. If I tell you all we did on that camping trip, it will send your cock into overdrive.


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