Pevert Professor Todd

My professor is a goddamn fucking pervert he looks at my ass constantly. One day I could swear that dirty mother fucker touched my ass with his hard cock. I’m really not that good in English I mean my mom says it’s because I’m really lazy and things come easy to me I guess if you have an ass like mine things would come kind of easy don’t you think. So my professor, is a nasty mother fucker and I’m getting a D. I really need to raise that up to an A for apple butter ass.  Mr. Todd why are you failing me that’s what I asked I could feel his cock getting rock hard because I needed him. I asked Mr Todd was there anything at all that I could do to make my D and A. Mr. Todd grabbed me by the face and stuck his finger into my mouth I closed my eyes and started to suck his finger he took me by my head drop me down to my knees took his cock out it was bodaciously huge. Mr. Todd forced his cock into my mouth I couldn’t get enough of it I was sucking and slobbering on his cock. He has a hard fuck rod oh my God it was so fucking big and beautiful. That nasty motherfucker has the biggest fucking 11 inch cock that I’ve ever seen he made my mouth water I must have sucked his cock for 30 minutes then he bent me over the desk and started to force his big fat dick into my pussy I was so fucking wet I know you want to know what happened next.


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  1. tim

    those tits are so delicious

  2. Adam

    Oh, yes baby what happened next love?

  3. Kevin

    Your such a slutty Hoe

  4. Doug

    I will give you private tutoring lessons if you know what I mean.

  5. Judd

    You have a lot of assets to raise your grades.

  6. Peter

    I want to teach you something babe and I love the way you learn.

  7. john

    I want to fuck you so bad

  8. Daryl

    I love this baby!

  9. Clark

    loved our dirty call

  10. Liam

    nice blog slut

  11. thom

    damn u so sexy baby

  12. Jim

    I would have run a train on your for that credit

  13. Sam

    You’re beautiful!

  14. Sam

    Come live with me and I’ll treat you like a princess!

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