A Proper Sissy Makes Me Wet

Sissy Phone SexI have a sissy bitch I like to call over and make him do things for me that others would consider degrading. I am a very dominant little teen, he can’t resist the tight skin of my 18 year old body. I called him over and this one has a tiny pathetic oversized clit he calls a dick and he knows that he can’t please a woman. I had one of my very best, very hot friends over, he walked right in the door and saw us in the hot tub with her licking on my hot wet teen pussy. I allow him to watch while he is trying to get hard but I tell him no and I will get his chastity cage out again to put on his clitty, it would hurt him to get hard. He is trying so hard not to get hard. I tell him to look at how she is licking and fucking this pussy and how he is so pathetic. I make him get right up close when I squirt to clean up the mess off her face and around my ass and pussy.

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