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Discreet Phone Sex Perversions

If you have some really perverted kinky thoughts then discreet phone sex is probably a great thing for you. I’m all over those kinky thoughts and if your an older man, then I am already wet and ready to be your dirty little fantasy secret. I missed out on having fun with my daddy and I hope that you can fulfill the role he hasn’t. I have a hole that needs filling and your daddy cock is just the cure that I crave. I want to be spoiled and taken out to nice dinner’s where I can be the much younger naughty girl that gives daddy blowjobs under the table. I promise to always be discrete and kinky and will let you fuck me anywhere you want. I really love to fuck in public without anyone catching on. It’s a big turn on for me to get that nearly caught adrenaline going. I want to go to the Zoo or a Museum and give you a discrete blowjob, that’s right in the open. Public but discrete is my style. I love to talk dirty to daddy while I sit in my college lecture and touch myself as I think about the sexy professor giving the lecture.

Discreet Phone Sex

Phone Sex Hotline Kinkster

Folks that wanna say it’s bad to have a phone sex hotline addiction have really not lived. I am all over the place in how kinky I like to get, so yeah I am a bit of a kinkster and have such an addictive personality. Seriously, I am addicted to flirting with older men. It’s not so bad to have daddy issues, it’s just that my daddy wasn’t around so I really missed out on being a tease for my daddy. I missed out on seeing daddy’s cock for the first time when he was erect and jerking off to porn. I want to see your cock daddy, and i want you to treat me like your baby girl and spoil me with that dick. I’m not ashamed to get overly excited at your attention daddy, I want to be the one you fantasize about and think about sneaking in while I sleep so you can get a look at my pussy. You know, Like as if I was your young daughter. The young daughter that drives your cock to spurt. I want that too daddy. I want to be the good girl for my daddy and I want to please you.

Phone Sex Hotline

I Will Be Your Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionI will be your phone sex addiction. Men call me and tell me they are just doing this once and then they are calling me daily or weekly. It is the same with the men I meet in my life. I am a professional sugar baby. I am on several special arrangement sites. Men think they will just use me once for a work function or a special occasion, then they are wanting to see me all the time. Many men can’t afford to see me often. I am high class and I demand top dollar. Most of the men I have arrangements with are married. I have this one guy so hooked on me; he broke into his daughter’s college education fund just for another date with me. There are men on these special arrangement sites who are not as wealthy as they seem. Others have more money than they know what to do with. Those are my favorite of course. I am clear about my financial needs. I know men will take care of me. I am worth the money. I am educated, beautiful, sophisticated and a wild cat in the bedroom. I make men feel like Kings. It is easy to get addicted to me and my tight shaved pussy. Guys who call me for phone sex get as addicted as the men I fuck.

Hottest Phone Sex with a Sugar Baby

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is with a sexy GFE like me. You could say I have daddy issues. I have always been attracted to older men. Guys my age are just boys. Broke ass losers who can’t spoil me the way I deserve. I am on several special arrangement sites. This is my livelihood. I have never had an honest day of work in my life. Pretty girls don’t need a real job. We just need men to take care of us. Robert is my latest sugar daddy. He is in his 60s, but thanks to Viagra, he has the stamina of a teen boy. I am sexually insatiable, so it is nice when an older man can keep up with me. Robert wore me out last night. He took me sailing on his yacht. I packed a bag, but I didn’t need any clothes. He is not Tommy Lee, but he could drive the boat with his hard cock if he wanted! He fucked me all over the boat, christening his new baby with his jizz. For an old man, he fucks like an animal. My pussy and ass are sore as fuck today. Hell, even my jaw is sore from all the cock sucking. But he rewards me handsomely, as he should, for being his dirty phone sex whore.

I’ll Call You Daddy

Nothing makes my bald shaved pussy like being told to call my lover daddy, after all I only fuck older men because they really “do it” for me. I’ve even done some dirty little roleplays and got myself waxed and dressed like a Lolita so my lover at the moment could fulfill his dirty perverted little fantasy and it made me so horny feeling the smooth bald cunt and how my pussy lips were so slippery. I was permanently wet while I had the shaved cuny of a young thing, fuck it wasn’t but a few years ago when I was still bald. I have daddy issues or something because it is just such a turn on to fuck older men, older men really get my juices flowing and this is especially true when I get a whiff of an older well dressed mans cologne, I will practically beg to suck his cock and have had to totally rub one out in the janitorial closet of an office building once. I am a bit of a nympho I guess and sometimes I have no patience especially standing against a group of older men in suits in a packed elevator. I just thought about them all taking me right there as we went up.

Bald shaved pussy

I love older men so much

kinky phone sexI love older men so much, wanna know why? Because they fuck longer,give me more foreplay and lets face it, they have way more money than young guys do. So when this sexy older guy hit on me at the mall yesterday I was flirting back like crazy. He clearly had money he even took me shopping and let me pick out whatever I wanted! When he asked me to go for a ride with him I was all in, I hopped into his car and got right to business sucking his dick before we even left the parking lot. He was loving it but he was swerving all over the road it was so funny. Once we got to his place he was all over me, tearing off my clothes and carrying me to the bed he was so eager to fuck my young pussy. It was super hot and his cock was huge so I was cumming practically as soon as he put that cock in me! Now he’s my sugar daddy I get to have great sex whenever I want and he gives me money and takes me shopping and everything it is so awesome! I should have got a man like this forever ago!

New Friends

Hot Phonesex

As you both walked into the gallery I noticed her first.  When I say that she looked exquisite it is an understatement.  She wasn’t dressed provocatively yet there was this errant sexual vibe emanating from her.  I fell instantly in lust.  You were also very much attractive, but your date was the one who sent the first throb through my pussy.  I grabbed another glass of champagne and walked over.  You were busy speaking to someone else.  She looked clearly out of place.  I handed her the glass, she smiled and accepted.

She quickly began to feel at ease.  She introduced me to you, both you and the other man gave me appreciative glances.  I hooked my arm over hers and told you that I was stealing your date.  You laughed, but I was so very serious.  Her and I walked around the gallery, taking in the exhibit.  She was well versed on the style of art and artist.  I was really enjoying my time with her.  I asked her if she would like to get coffee sometime.  She happily accepted my invitation, as the two of you just moved here.  Although you already had acquaintances due to work, she knew no-one.

We sat quietly in the corner talking as you watched us.  I made her blush a few times as I brushed a stray strand of hair from the side of her face.  She could now tell that I was flirting with her, and to my surprise she flirted back a little bit.  She was hesitant, clearly she had never flirted with a woman before.  There was such a beautiful innocence about her.  You came over, as you could now tell what I was doing.  She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I whispered to her that she looked stunning.

She looked back at me as you both left.  I waited until I was home to text her.  I simply texted, “I find you incredibly beautiful, I want to spend time with you.” Then I texted her my address.  Within three hours she was there, we quickly made our way to my bedroom.  It was her first time with another woman, I took my time.  I worshiped every single inch of her.  When she left she was breathless and flustered.  Imagine my surprise when I received a text from you telling me to stay away from your wife.  I will gladly stay away from her, but will she stay away from me? I highly doubt it.

I Am Never Out Of Your League

Fantasy phone sexMost men whom I run into in the outside world have a hard time approaching me.  I am not sure what it is about me that scares them so much, but I honestly have a hard time finding dates.  I have had very long periods in my life where I have been without a significant other.  It can get pretty lonely.  It also doesn’t help that I am a workaholic.  Between here and my other job I have very little time to engage in a relationship with someone.  Especially a new relationship where it is imperative that you spend time with the other person so your relationship can grow.

Hot phonesexThat is why once I do find myself enamored with someone I do all I can to make them happy.  I tend to have longer relationships due to this.  I have never been one to be with someone for only a month or two.  My friends think that I have such a hard time finding someone because of the way I look and carry myself.  I am very confident, well educated, articulate, and strong.  They say all that wrapped up together can be very intimidating, plus I look like I would be high maintenance. Which I am not.  One of my very favorite things to do is go camping for weeks at a time.  I am talking hiking into an area, setting up camp, then just relaxing.  I am not afraid to get dirty.

Kinky Phone SexI suppose if I tried harder then I could have someone, but those who I have found lately lack substance.  They are either consumed with what they own, money, or themselves.  I do not like when a man tries to impress me with material things that he might own.  Those types of things are nice, but not necessary.  I already have nice things, and I certainly have my own hard earned money.  I really am not into bragging about those things.  I think it is low class to brag about what you have, or being a douche about it.  I love men who are honest, who have empathy, who have kind and generous hearts and are not above helping out those less fortunate without the need for congratulations when they do so.

No limits phone sexI guess if I can find someone who isn’t threatened by my looks, my job, my money or my life then it would make me a very happy girl. Perhaps you are that one, and even though due to work we cannot have a real time relationship, that doesn’t mean we cannot forge an online one.  Please do not take that to mean I want you leave your wife, or I will move to be with you, that will not happen.  However, what it does mean is that you will always have someone who is truly interested in you as a person, someone who listens to you, someone who really enjoys spending time with you.  I think deep down we all want that.

Let Me Keep You Warm

Fantasy phone sexWowzers!  I cannot believe how cold it is outside.  Right now I am sitting here listening to music, cup of hot tea by my side while sitting in front of my fireplace.  I have my comfy blanket draped over me and I am spending time with you. Oh how I wish I could really have you by my side.  You and I just here on my sofa, your arm around me as I put my head on your shoulder.  You and I watching the flames dance while we listen to the soothing crackle of the fire.  How delicious does that sound?

They say the best way to get warm is skin on skin contact.  I am thinking that is exactly what would happen between you and I.  Pressing my warm body against yours.  Which would turn into kissing, touching, and then finding ourselves making love in front of the glowing fire.  Your cock would feel absolutely amazing as it slips into me.  Not wanting the moment to end too quickly, you move slowly.  your chest pressed against mine.  I can feel your warm breath on my neck as my nails run up and down your back. 

Neither of us says a word, we just move together, clinging to each other as the heat between us builds.  You get up on your hands to look down at me.  I reach up and touch your face, pulling you downward so I can kiss your soft lips.  I feel you quicken your stride, your thrusts become harder, you pull back so that you can look into my blue eyes as you cum deep inside of me.  You lay down on top of me once more, pressing your face against my breasts, holding onto me, allowing the warmth to linger between us.

I think I would very much enjoy a day like that with you.  I hope you would love a day like that with me as well.  Stay warm and stay safe. 

Sensual Bondage

Kinky Phone SexYou told me to show up at 8:00 p.m. right on the dot.  On the phone you sounded excited about something, you wouldn’t tell me but you did let me know that it was important that I was on time.  You asked me to wear the lingerie you bought for me last year on your trip.  I told you I would do so. I made sure my make-up was done beautifully, my hair done just the way you like it, and my nails done in your favorite color.  I had not a clue as to what the night had in store for me, but I too was becoming excited.

When I arrived you ushered me inside your house quickly.  Usually we met at the Hotel downtown, but you insisted that I meet you at your home.  I asked if your wife would be home soon you told me that she was out of town and that is why you wanted to be with me at your house.  It made you feel horny knowing that those same sheets that we would be on would be the sheets you and your wife slept on when she got back.  You would not wash them.  I was thankful that I used a car service instead of driving my own car, the neighbors might of noticed that. 

We went upstairs, you undressed me, placing kisses on my skin as you took off each piece of clothing.  Then you stood back to look at me as you took you own clothes off.  I reached out to help you, however, you gently pushed my hand away.  You instructed me to get on the bed, you pulled out some scarves and told me that you would be tying me up, but not tightly. 

After you had me tied in place you stood up to finish undressing then the slow sensual bondage session began.  The way you teased me drove me almost mad.  I was dripping wet from feeling your mouth and hands run over my body.  The light bites on my breasts and nipples caused me to writhe.  You never said a word.  You got me to a point to where I started begging you to fuck me.  To place your mouth on my pussy, to push your fingers inside of me, to let me taste your cock, anything!  You made me wait, and wait, and wait.  I ached for your cock to be thrust inside of me.  I was drenched.

Finally you couldn’t take it any longer yourself, you undid my ties, then plunged into me with one hard thrust.  We spent the rest of our time together making each other cum multiple times.  I cannot wait until your wife leaves for the night again so that we can play on the same sheets she sleeps on.

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