His Dirty Little Secret

fantasy phone sexI have this friend and although he is married, we have a very close, intimate bond. One that is probably stronger than his and his wives. When he is with her, he often goes to the bathroom and turns on the shower just so we can talk. When he is in the bathroom and she is laying in bed sleeping I talk to him about all the nasty things I would love to do to him. Before hanging up he goes to bed and I tell him all my fantasies while he lays beside her.

During the day, he loves when I talk dirty to him and he calls her phone and leaves a voicemail of himself jacking off. I remain quietly on the line but smile to myself because I am his naughty little secret. I send him very seductive photos of myself and closeups of my nice juicy pussy. We masturbate on the phone together, wishing we were wrapped in each other’s arms and having dirty, nasty, hot sex. I think of him often throughout the week and I know he does me too. The hours we go without talking just make me want him that much more. I often close my eyes dreaming of him while I ram my dildo deep in my juicy, bald pussy, just anticipating the day when it will be his rock-hard cock inside me.

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