I Sent My Fuck Toy Back To His Girlfriend

Phone perverts Paradise

He knocked on my door begging me to fuck him. His girlfriend and him had a fight because he couldn’t get his dick hard for her. He was addicted to my cock and that is all he wanted and was what got him hard. I let him in and he got on his knees right away I pulled my cock and shoved it in his mouth. Right away his cock got hard poking at his pants. I asked him to take them down and he did like a good slut, I bent him over and came up behind him and started stroking his dick.  I shoved my cock in his man pussy and pounded him as I stroked his cock. He is my bitch and he knows it I’m the reason his cock gets hard, he begs for my dick to be in his holes and he begs for me to fill him up. I love the way it sounds when he is begging for my cum that I bust so hard giving every drop. Theni just send him back to his girlfriend.  

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