I Like To Fuck

fantasy phone sexWhat makes a girl your perfect fantasy? Is it good looks? A great body? A nice rack? A wet tight pussy or a nice firm ass? Or is it an absolute freak? The kind that even make you blush. The kind of girl who can’t get enough and nothing is too kinky? Well baby let me be your freak. I like to fuck, and I mean I really like to fuck, and I have an entire hot ass body just waiting to be used by you. So, let me get between your legs and you can fuck my face, I mean way down my throat. Don’t worry about going too deep, I have absolutely no gag reflex left love. And for a pussy that has been used and abused it is still tight as hell. I know what those Kegels are really for love. If you want to shoot your load down my throat, feel free or perhaps you would rather pull out and squirt all over my tits and outstretched tongue. Either way is fine with me baby, as long as you are streaming your sperm all over me. I will lick it up as I watch you get hard again. Then I will turn around, lean down, spread my ass cheeks, and wait for you to pound my ass. I want to feel your balls beat against my clit with every stroke. So, don’t leave this slut waiting, pick up the phone and let’s have some fun.

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