A Dirty Girlfriend

fantasy phone sexDo you know what I like baby? I like roleplaying a gfe with you. Like last week I had the best call. I flew down to spend the weekend with him. We had a beautiful condominium right on the beach. Our bedroom opened up to the beach and the sound of the waves filled our ears. We made love while the sunset and the tide went out. Then we dressed for dinner. Me in a hot sexy dress and him in a handsome suit. With me on his arm we enjoyed our dinner as we laughed and flirted and had fun. I even removed my shoe and rubbed his crotch underneath the table with my foot. I leaned in to kiss him deeply as I slid my hand down his pants. He was hard as a rock and my baby needed a release. I took him by the hand and led him to a dark out of the way room in the restaurant. Then like any good girlfriend would do, I pulled his cock out and blew him/ Letting him finish inside my mouth and to which I swallowed his warm delicious load. He then wiped my mouth and kissed me. We took off our shoes and walked the beach before returning to our room for a warm bath. Want to join me babe?

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