I’ve Been Waiting For You

fantasy phone sex

You had a family Christmas party tonight, but I knew you would be making some excuse to see me, so I waited. Dressed in sexy holiday lingerie. Wasn’t long and I heard the keys in the door. You walked in and smiled as I laid on the couch. You told them you had a work emergency and would be gone until early in the morning. They never question and their naivety gets me all the time with you that I want.

You looked so handsome in your tuxedo I had to get up so I could get a better look. I kissed you deeply as your hands grazed my ass. Then I loosened your tie and with it in my hand led you back to our bedroom. You had me lay on the bed and you stood over me admiring me. You love how I look. Running your fingers up and down my body telling me how lucky you are. I smiled as I pulled you down to me. Unbuttoning your shirt and kissing down your chest. Unbuckling your pants and pulling them off. Removing your boxers and worshiping your cock. We have all night babe, what should we do first?


    • Timothy on December 17, 2021 at 7:13 am
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    So hot and wild, baby

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