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Fuck Your Redhead Teen Slut

Hot PhonesexYou know the color red is very arousing to men, even if my hair was any other color I could probably still get the same amount of dick. But I feel like they fuck me harder thinking about what a little redheaded slut I am. Of course I got a little set of tiny tits that makes daddy go crazy, and the tight little wet pussy that clenches tight around his cock that drains him dry. It’s my pretty red hair that earned me daddy’s heart. He says every time he sees it, his cock just wants to burst out of his pants and drill me hard all day. It’s probably where I learned to love being treated like a slut, rough and fast. I look delicate but it’s obvious to me, I know how to take a pounding. However daddy, and his friends are busy a lot with meetings and going out of town, some are still stuck at home with their boring trophy wives. And I need more daddies to fuck me and leave me sore.

Paying Bills With My Tight Teen Pussy

Tight shaved pussyNow you see my tight wet pink pussy and think about how good it feels around your cock. When I think about my wet little bald cunnie, I think about the business opportunities! This body and tight pussy is a gift! I don’t have to slave away at boring jobs that I hate when spreading my legs gets the bills paid. Plus it’s a bonus cause I love being fucked! I was raised that spoiled sluts never have to want for anything. Those boring girls can be jealous all they want to be, it’s not my fault I have a job that I absolutely love. Even my assistant job is a breeze. The hardest part is the occasional rug burn. But my boss adores me, and so does his wife! You know what they say a good assistant can really keep a marriage together.

Daddy Spoils Me For Valentine’s Day

Daddy phone sexIt’s not surprising that I got plenty spoiled for Valentine’s Day. I got plenty of gifts, flowers and little love messages. Which I absolutely loved but daddy always takes the cake. Maybe he knows how much spoiling me makes my pussy gush, but when daddy presented me with a diamond bracelet and a card filled with some extra money for me to spend on myself. He basically guaranteed having my little pussy glued to him for the rest of the day. At least until it was momma’s turn later that night. It felt so good with his dick inside me each time he ignored phone calls from his wife. *Giggles* Can’t help feeling like daddy’s special girl when my pussy is better than keeping his own wife happy on Valentine’s day.

Teacher’s Pet

College girls phone sexOf course I’m curious about the joys of higher education so I did enroll in a couple of courses. Being stuck at home doing online learning most of the time though hasn’t been fun…until recently. I got an email from one of my professors, informing me that my attire has occasionally been distracting. Clever girl that I am, decided to ask him for a little video conference to discuss our predicament. Of course I decided to wear this cute new naughty outfit daddy bought me, it’s a black and white corset type. The white ruffles give it the look of a real naughty maid look. Matched with a black G-string and really short black skirt that hides absolutely nothing when I bend over. Put a bit of make-up on and waited for his video call. He was flustered but didn’t seem upset, in fact he seemed rather happy at my attire. As he began to explain my attire of wearing just a t-shirt and panties while walking around my room can be distracting to the others on our calls, was when I started to touch myself. Biting my lip and making it very obvious what I was doing. He wasn’t being on his best behavior either, I can tell his left hand was stroking away at his cock out of sight. How quickly the little problem seems to be resolved with the suggestion that I start some one on one classes with just me and him. So I could wear whatever I wanted or didn’t want to wear. Since I was such a promising student and his favorite. Of course he said all these things while I was taking off my top, and showing him what my fingers were doing under my skirt. Our quick 5 minute chat turned into over an hour of me playing with my holes for his viewing pleasure. Not sure why other girls stress about college so much, it’s so easy to get a good grade being the teacher’s naughty pet.

Spoiled Daddy’s Girl

daddy phone sexI’ve always been a spoiled daddy’s girl, for as long as I could remember. Yes, mother told me the way of the world when it came to men. Which I guess meant I got to skip all the rebellion that comes to us girls and our fathers. I’ve always known how to get daddy to give me what I wanted. A little trip down south on my knees, and swallowing like a good girl got me a raise in my weekly allowance just last week. Daddy says if my taste get much more expensive I’m going to have to bend over next time. Which I kind of felt was an offer, in fact I went stopping for some butt plugs. You know the cute kind with the gems on the ends that sparkle. I thought it would look real cute in my ass when I bend over and surprise daddy. I could always use another raise to my allowance, but really I think a warm creampie in my ass is exactly what daddy’s princess needs.

Corrupting My Sister With My Bald Shaved Pussy

Bald shaved pussyOne of my sisters has what it takes to be a nasty little slut like me. She’s cute, but with a body that could get any man rock hard. Her older sisters are prudes and try to tell her to not hang out with me but I’m not going to let her miss out on some good times. I came over when everyone was gone so I could spend some time with her, show her some hidden pleasures I doubt she had discovered. I showed her how to do a striptease and how it’s key to save that bald shaved pussy for last. Once we were both naked, I taught her to stick her fingers into my wet bald pussy and have a taste. Her eyes lit up, and she became a lot more relaxed when I started to finger her little pussy too. Soon we were in the 69 positions eating each other out, the moment I made her cum on my face I knew she wouldn’t turn out like those prudes. She just wanted to cum again and again all afternoon. I told her to just wait if she thought getting eaten out was amazing she was going to love taking her first cock.

Quarantine Hookup Babe For Daddy’s Friends

Kinky phone sexIt’s not that I don’t stay at home as advised but I do offer some very important services to some very hard working men. Daddy’s friends are very horny and have already tired of trying to use their wives to get what they want. Most of them couldn’t stop thinking about my pink wet pussy sliding up and down on their cocks. I imagine my tight young pussy feels much better than some dried up housewife pussy. My mom teases me and says if I keep playing their little quarantine hookup slut I’m going to end up someone’s trophy wife. Wouldn’t be so bad I don’t think, as long as I could still offer my services to others. It’s crazy after a week of being fucked again and again I’m still crazy wet! I just can’t get enough. Good thing I can visit Daddy later.

Daddys Dream Come True

Daddy phone sexMy half-sisters always call me a whore or slut all because my Mom was Daddy’s mistress. But they are just jealous cause I’m Daddy’s dream come true. We didn’t grow up together but once they found out about me I was always around and it was obvious I was his favorite. Always by his side and all of Daddy’s friends adore me. Yea I spread my legs for Daddy but does that really make me a whore? I think that just makes me a good daughter. I’m willing to give instead of taking like they do. Expecting Daddy and other men to pay for stuff with nothing in return. I know I don’t have to, but I like doing it. It’s how my mommy taught me to show love and show how grateful I am to be taken care of so much. Daddy says I’m perfect, my mouth, my pussy, and my cute little body makes his cock ache even when I’m not around. I couldn’t deny Daddy from gifts he gave me. That would be so selfish of me.

Servicing Mr. Franklin

Submissive phone sexMy Daddy recently introduced me to a longtime friend of his Mr. Franklin. He told me that Mr. Franklin has been in need of my services. Which I know that means Daddy has told him that my pussy is up for sale. Last month I spent some time with another one of Daddy’s friends in his suite doing all the things he had always dreamed to do with a young girl like me. However this time I spent two weeks at Mr. Franklin’s beach house. It was hard not to be intimidated, he’s a very blunt and straightforward man like my Daddy. He wants what he wants and gets mad if he doesn’t get it. The first night he told me by the end of our visit each one of my holes was going to be sore for weeks. He wasn’t kidding. I’ve only been back home a week and my ass still feels like it’s permanently gaped. He fucked me hard every day sometimes multiple times a day. Sometimes he paid men to come over and fuck me while he watched, or simply to make sure my holes were put to good use when he had to leave and take care of business. He made sure I was worth every penny and I guess I was, he wants me again in a few months. Daddy is pleased with me for keeping his important friends happy, he promises an extra special surprise when he visits me again.

Naps with Daddy

Cheap Phone Sex

Daddy, I love when its nap time. You always sneak into my room, or wherever I may be sleeping and massage me all over. I especially like when you massage my little soft tis. I love it too when you get undressed with me and lay down with me. I can feel your hard cock touching me and I want it so bad because I know it makes you so happy. Give your baby exactly what she needs! I need a big dose of daddy cock! Pull my panties to the side while I sleep and slip that big cock in my tight wet slippery holes. I want to wake up with your cum deep inside me, Daddy! I promise I won’t let any drip out! Please, daddy? Touch me!

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