No Shame In Being Side-Chick

Hot Phonesex

I love being a side-chick. Mostly cause I’m the one they spend the money on. I’m the one that gets the hot-ass sex and pampered. Why? Cause I’m the perfect little whore. I’m not looking for a ring, I’m just looking for a dick and daddies who can take care of me. It’s a fair exchange in my opinion. I’m not looking to destroy relationships or marriages, I’m just a little palette cleanser. The fun little toy on the side, he’ll still support his family but he’ll be much happier fucking me first. This is why I love spending my days when I’m not getting spreading doing hot phonesex and playing with my tight shaved pussy. 

I don’t nag, I don’t give him a chore list, I only open my legs and say “Enjoy!”. I couldn’t tell you the number of times while getting my pussy stretched I’m browsing for things to buy with his black card online. Not to mention with me on his arm at some of those naughty parties I get a lot of networking done. I’m not the only hot piece of ass that is nothing more than a fuck toy and something pretty to show off. So why should I ever feel bad? If anything I’m the smart one who figured out I didn’t have to catch a big fish. I only have to fuck one!

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