Hi, I’m Mercedes! My mom named me after the car my Daddy bought for her when he found out she was pregnant. I was raised knowing that if you keep men happy they are more than willing to make sure you are well taken care of. So even though my Daddy wasn’t around often I never wanted for anything. Cause my mom was not his wife, she was his mistress and she remained his go-to for all his desires. My mom told me it was because he married a prude that he needed a side piece. She taught me everything I need to please a man and eventually started letting me test my skills with her boyfriends to get them to buy me things. No matter what I always did what was asked of me and even if it hurt. After all, it would always be worth it in the end. Eventually, my Daddy found out and instead of getting mad, he begged me to show him what I had learned. He told me I was even better than my mom! In fact, he now calls me “Daddys Little Submissive Kitten” and I don’t know why but I love hearing him say that. Now he’s around all the time playing with my tight pussy. He is always telling me he wishes his other daughters were like me, but they take after their mother. Daddy is always introducing me to his friends now before he never did. I’m so happy because they are just as generous as Daddy is. All of them say I’m the best little fucktoy they ever met. My life is perfect thanks to all that my mom taught me. Turns out momma was right if you take good care of the nice men, they will take good care of you!


    • Jay C. on January 24, 2019 at 4:05 am
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    Simply put, this girl will drain your balls. She is extremely kinky and very fun to talk to. Don’t think about it, just call her. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee that when your call is finished, you will wish you purchased more time.

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